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 Winter Weather Hood  

Thank you Jan Turner                                            

     If you're a knitter, you might want to cast on a few stitches to make a warm hood. to wear while snowmobiling. The hood completely covers the head and neck and drops over the shoulders. Get busy and knit a few as Christmas gifts for snowmobilers in your family and among your friends. They're great for keeping children cozy and warm. The directions are reprinted from Track & Trails, the newsletter of the Snowbirds Snowmobile Club, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

 Directions are given for small size.  Changes for medium and large sizes are in parentheses. Coats and Clarks "Red Heart" knitting worsted, 4 ply, Art. E 232 (1 oz. "Tangle-proof" pullout.  Skeins): 5 (5,6) skeins.

 Double-pointed needles, 1 set No. 3 and No. 5.

 GAUGE: 11 sts. = 2 inches, 7 rows = 1 inch.

 Bib: Starting at lower front edge, with two no. 5 needles, cast on 64(68, 72) sts.

 Work 10 rows (5 ridges) of garter St (k each Row). Now. work...as follows:

1st Row; k across.

 2nd Row: k6, p across to last 6 sts, k6.

 Repeat last 2 rows until total length is 5 (5½, 6) inches ending with 2nd Row.

 Next Row: k across 50 (52, 56) sts, slip last 36 (36, 40) sts just worked on a stitch

holder for front of neck, work across, remaining 14 (16, 16) sts for shoulder.

 Work even over the last set of 14 (16, 16) sts for 1 inch, ending with a p Row.

 Break off. Attach yarn and work across 14 (16, 16) sts of other shoulder for 1 inch ending with a k Row on same needle.

 Cast on 36 (36, 40) sts for back of neck, work across 14(16, 16) sts of first shoulder.

 There are 64 (68, 72) sts on needle.

 Next Row: k6, p to last 6, sts, k6. Complete back to correspond with front of bib. Bind off.

 Neckband: With right side facing and one no. 3 needle, pick up and k36 (36, 40) sts along the cast on sts of back of neck; with second no. 3 needle pick up and k8 sts along side of neck, on same needle, k next 18 (18, 20) sts from front stitch holder, with third needle k remaining 18(18, 20) sts from stitch holder, on same needle pick up and k8 sts along other side of neck. Work in rnds of k2, p2 over these 88(88, 96) sts for 2½ (3, 3) inches. Break off.

On a spare double-pointed needle slip 10 (10, 12) sts from end of 2nd needle and 10 (10, 12) sts from beg of 3rd needle. Slip these 20 (20, 24) sts on a stitch holder for lower face.

 Back of Head Attach yarn at beg of 3rd needle. With three no.5 needles work in rows of stockinette St (k 1 Row, p 1 Row) over remaining 68 (68, 72) sts for 6 (6½, 6½) inches ending with a purl Row.

 Top Shaping: 1st Row: k across 45 (45, 47) sts, sl1, k1, p.s.s.o, turn.

 2nd Row sl 1, purl across 22 sts, p2 tog, turn,

3rd Row; Sl 1, k 22, sl 1, k 1, p.s.s.o, turn.

 Repeat last 2 rows until all Sts are worded off - 24 sts remain for forehead. Break off

 Face Band; Slip the sts for lower face on a no. 3 needle. With right side facing, attach yarn and work in ribbing across these 20 (20, 24) sts; pick up 34 (36, 36) sts along the right face edge, k across 24 forehead sts; pick up 34(36, 36) sts along left face edge.  Divide these 112(116, 120) sts among 3 needles and work in rnds of k2, p2 ribbing for 1 inch.

 Bind off in ribbing. Press lightly.