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Vest  = Easy knit pattern

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VEST SIZES: (8 - 0), (12 - 14), (16 - 18).

Vest measures 15" [l6" - 17") across bust for a snug fit and about 22" [23" - 24"] from back of neck to lower edge.

 MATERIALS: Sport weight yarn, 3 (2 ounce) skeins each of tan and turquoise mist. Or colors or your choice.

 Knitting needles, 1 pair No. 10 (or English needles No 3) or the size that will give you the correct gauge.

 GAUGE: In stockinette st. 4 sts- 1''.

 NOTE: Work with 2 strands yarn held together throughout, using 1 strand of each color.>

 BACK: Starting at lower edge, cast on 60 [64 - 68] sts.

Work in garter st (k each Row ) for 1", then work in stockinette st (p 1 Row. k 1 Row) until piece measures l3" [13 ½" - 14"] from beg, ending with a k Row.

 Underarm Border: Next Row (wrong side): K 10, p across to within last 10 sts. k 10.

Following Row: K across.

Repeat last 2 rows twice more.

 To Shape Armholes: 1st Row (wrong side): Bind oft 7 sts, work across Row in pattern as established.

2nd Row: Bind oft 7 sts. k across keeping 3 sts at each armhole edge in garter st, work even on 46 [50 - 54) sts untill armhole measures 7 ¼ " (7 ¾ "- 8 ¼" ) from bound off sts at armholes, ending with a knit Row.

Neck border: Next Row (wrong side): K 3, p 5 [7 - 8],  k 30 [30 - 32],  p 5 [7 - 8].

Following Row: K across Continue in pattern as established and, at same time, shape shoulders as follows,

To Shape Shoulders: Bind off 8 [8 - 9] sts al beg ot next 2 rows, then bind oft 6 sts at beg of next 2 rows. Place remaining 22 [22 - 24] sts on holder for neck.

FRONT: Work same as for back until piece measures 10½' [11" - 11 ½ ") from beg, ending with a k Row 60 [64 - 68] sts. Place marker on needle in center of work.

V-Neck Border: Next Row (wrong side): P across to within 1 St of marker, k 1, slip marker, k1, p across remaining sts.

Following Row: K across.

Next Row: P across to within 2 sts of marker, k 2, slip marker, k 2, p across remaining sts.

Following Row: K across, slipping marker on each Row. Continue in this manner working 1 more st on each side of marker in garter st on wrong-side rows until there are 4sts in garter st on each side, ending with a p Row.

 To Divide for V-Neck and Shape Armholes:

1st Row (arm edge):K across to within 2 sts of neck border, sI 1 as if to k, k 1, psso (1st dec), k 4 sts of border.

Remove marker. Place remaining 30 [32 - 34] sts on holder for other side.

Work on one side only from now on.

2nd Row: K 4, p across.

Keeping 4 sts at neck edge in garter st, continue to dec 1 st at neck edge in same manner every 4th Row 3 times more; then every 6th  Row 7 [7 - 6] times and, at same time, when piece measures same as back to beg of underarm border, ending at arm edge, work border as follows;

Next Row (arm edge): K 10, continue in pattern across Row.

Following Row: Work across to within last 10 sts, k 10.

Repeat last 2 rows twice more, then shape armholes as follows: At arm edge, bind off 7 sts, work across keeping 3 sts at armhole edge in garter st,  work even at arm hole edge and continue to dec at neck edge until neck shaping is completed.

Then work even in pattern on 12 [14 - 15) sts, if necessary, until armhole measures same as back armhole to the beg of shoulder shaping, ending at arm edge.

 To Shape Shoulder: Bind off 6 [8 - 9] sts at beg of next Row. Work 1 Row even. Bind off remaining 6 sts.

Place 22 [22 - 24] sts from holder onto needle.

With right side facing you, attach yarn at neck edge and work as follows:

1st Row: K 4, 2 tog. k across.

2nd  Row (arm edge): P across to within neck border, k 4. Continuing in this manner, complete to correspond to other side.

Sew shoulder and side seams.  

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