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 Tweed Lace afghan

Thanks Lamor11@aol.com

Directions are for a 46" x 60" afghan. (I've made this in a variegated & solid color & am beginning one with two solid colors.)

6 skeins ea. of knitted worsted (100 gr, 220 yd. sk.) of two colors.

(I used 5 skeins of red heart variegated & 4 skeins. of solid. In the super saver skeins.)

Size 13 circular needle.

Pattern stitch: Pattern stitch: multiple of 6 stitches + 1.

Row 1: (wrong side): purl

Row 2: k1, *yo, k1, slip 1, k 2 together, pass slip stitch over, k1, yo, k1; repeat from * across.

Repeat rows 1 & 2 for pattern.

Note: use 2 strands yarn held together as one throughout.


With 1 strand each of 2 colors cast on 115 stitches.

Begin pattern stitch and work until 60" from beginning, end with a purl Row.

Bind off loosely.

Fringe: Fringe: cut pieces of yarn 15" long. Use 1 strand of each color. Fold in half,

draw fold through knit stitch at edge of afghan, draw ends through fold and tighten.

Work fringe in each knit stitch at both short edges of afghan.

However, instead of fringe I knit 10 rows at each end & added 5 stitches

On each side of afghan for border.

(Instead of casting on 115 stitches I cast on 125.)