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 TV Slippers

Thank you, Sherry  BARBOUR_SJ@  &  Bobbie helmer@ I accidentally ran across this site and when I was scrolling through I saw your requests....I think you are both looking for the same slippers...it just so happens I was looking for them myself a couple of weeks ago and found my OLD pattern from the 60's that I think is what you want. hopefully someone has not already sent it to you.. I'll copy it below. good luck , Bobbie D.

4oz. Knitting Worsted
1 pr. No. 8 Knitting Needles
With double yarn cast on 29 sts.

Row 1:  (right side) Slip 1, K 8, P 1, K 9, P 1, K 9.
Row 2:  Slip 1, knit across Row.
             Repeat these two rows for 5 inches or 2 ½ inches less than length of foot,
             ending with wrong side.
Row 1:  (right side) P 1, *K 1, P 1.  Repeat from * to end of Row.
Row 2:  K 1, P 1, to end of Row.  Repeat ribbing for 2 ½ or 3 inches.  Break  yarn leaving an
             8 inch end.  Thread yarn into tapestry needle and slip sts from   knitting needle
             onto tapestry  needle, pull sts up very tightly and   fasten securely.
Sew edges together for 3 inches from toe to  instep.  Sew up heel..      THE END
 Slipper Pattern
Thanks   helmer@ & Littlemy22@

I hope this is what you are looking for.  This pattern was handed down to me from my grandmother.
These slippers fit size 5 to 7½.
3 ounces yarn (worsted weight)
size 9 knitting needle - the gauge is 4½ stitches per inch and the slippers are worked in garter stitch and knit one, purl one ribbing.

Cast on 32 stitches and work in garter stitch (knit every row) for five inches.
Then work 24 rows of knit one, purl one ribbing.

On the 25th Row, knit two together all across the row, ending with 16 stitches.  Break yarn leaving a 25-inch end.  Thread the yarn into a tapestry needle and pass through all of the stitches on the knitting needle.

Pull up these stitches tightly for toe, fasten yarn securely and sew together the edges of the ribbed rows.  Weave the heel seam and attach a pompon (optional) on top of slipper where the ribbing started.