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Toddlers Sweater Vest  

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One Size fits all.

MATERIALS: Red Heart 100% (2.5 oz. skein): 2 skeins. #001 (A), 1 skein. #910 (B), 3 yds. #857 (C);

  knitting needles, #7;

crochet hook, Size H;

3 heart buttons.

GAUGE: 9 sts=2"; 6 rows= 1".  

* Note: Back and Front are one piece; no shoulder seams.

Front: With A, Cast on 47 sts. Work in st st (k 1 Row, p 1 Row) throughout.

Work 4 rows with color A.

Row 5:  K 3A, l B, * l A, l B; rep from *, end k 3A.

Row 6: K 2A, l B, * l A, l B; rep from *, end k 2A.

Work 3 rows A.

Follow Heart Pat. Work to center st, sk this st, work from left to right. Work 3 rows A.

todswepic2-2.jpg (103835 bytes) click to enlarge

Next 2 rows: Rep Rows 5 and 6. Continuing with A, work 8" from beg, end with p row.

Neck Shaping: K 20; join new ball of A bind off 7 sts; finish row. Working both sides at once, dec one st at neck edge every other row 3 times--17 sts. Work 3 rows even. DO NOT fasten.

Inc one st at neck edge, every other row 3 times, then cast on 3 sts once--23 sts. Work 3" from cast-on sts (back opening), end with p row.

Next Row:. With one ball k 22, inc in next st, k 23----47 sts.

Work 3 rows.

Note: Remainder of Back is worked reverse of Front.

Next 2 rows: Rep Rows 6 and 5. Work Heart Pat from top to bottom. Continue working Back as for Front in
reverse order.

FINISHING: With crochet hook and A, sc around neck and back opening. With C, sc around sides and bottom edges. Add button and chain lp to neck back opening and both side edges.

Thank you Karen L for sending  me this darling vest pattern to share with others.