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Granny DD's 9 Patch Sampler Square

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   Designed by Mooncat © 1999 and posted with permission Thank you Sheila H sheila_h2000@yahoo.com for sending this in.

Materials: Worsted weight yarn, in colors of your choice Each Granny's Daughter motif requires about 2 yards of yarn.

Crochet Hook: Size I or size needed for gauge

Gauge: This pattern makes a 6" square
(Make last border rnd in dc for 7" square)

Square: The Granny's DD Square uses 9 Granny's Daughters (A "Granny's Daughter" is the center round of the traditional granny square). For directions to make one round visit, Crochet Partners Granny's Daughter for Charity

Make 9 Granny's Daughter motifs. When you have made all 9 squares, sew them tog in 3 rows of 3 squares:


Rnd 1: Starting in any corner, attach yarn with a sc, (ch2, sc) all in same corner sp, *sc in next 3 dc's, sc in next ch sp, ch1, sc in next ch sp*, rep *-* once, sc in next 3 dc's, work corner sc,ch2,sc. Continue to work around sq in this manner. At end of 4th side of sq sl st to beg sc.

Rnd 2: ch1, sc in same sp, sc in each sc and ch around working sc, ch2, sc in corners, sl st to beg sc, end off.

Examples of a Granny DD's 9 Patch.