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 Stocking Cap

Thank you LaVina lavinardaracunas@wavecable.com for sharing this with us.

Here is a stocking cap pattern that I use and find it quick. It is basically the same pattern for whatever size, yarn, and needles you use, and is quick to knit:

I make knitted stocking caps, of all sizes, and weights of yarn by using 1 pattern: (they usually recommend acrylic yarns):

Needle size 10 for adult size and 4 ply yarn; size 6 or 7 for children's size

I use short circular needles. However, one could use double-pointed needles instead.

With sport or super sport weight yarn; size 3 or 4 for baby yarn:

Cast on 100 stitches, knit 2, purl 2 around (be careful not to twist the cast on stitches when starting the first round).

Work this rib stitch for the length you need for the size: for adults and teenagers about 8 inches.

Then decrease by purling the purl 2 stitches together;

On the 8th Row after, decrease by knitting the knit 2 stitches together for 4 rows.

Last Row: knit 2 stitches together around; you should have 25 stitches left.

Cut your yarn about 8 inches from the last stitch, thread it into a yarn needle, slip the next stitches off 1 or 2 at a time, so the slipped stitches are now on the yarn, cinch it up tight to form the top of the hat.

Weave in all ends.

Fold up about an inch at the beginning of the hat: finished.

I make this 'adult' size for my grandson who is 10 years old.

Thank you LaVina lavinardaracunas@wavecable.com