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Exchanging knit to crochet


Men's Socks   exchange to crochet  

Size 9- 11

Set No. 11 Steel Sock Needles

Scale: 8 sts. to 1 inch

5 Balls sport weight yarn any color

On 3 Needles cast on 64 sts, having 21 sts. on each of 2 needles and 22 sts. on the third needle.

Join, being careful not to twist sts.

Work in K 1, P. 1, ribbing, for 5 inches.

Then work even in plain knitting for 7 inches.

Divide stitches having 32 sts. on heel needle and 16 sts. on each instep needle.

Heel: Working on these 32 sts., work even in Stockinette st. for 3 inches then on the next K row, K 18, slip 1, K 1, P.S.S.O., turn, slip 1, P. 4, P. 2 tog., turn, slip 1, K5, slip 1, K 1, P.S.S.O., turn, slip 1, P. 6, P. 2 tog., turn.

Continue in this manner, working 1 more st. each row until all sts. are being worked. (18 sts. on needle).

After the next K Row, pick up 15 sts. along side of heel, work across instep needle; with the third needle pick up 15 sts. along side of heel and work off 9 sts. of the heel needle onto this needle.

There are now 24 sts. on each of the heel needles and 32 sts. on the instep needle.

Working from division in center of heel, work to last 3 sts. on next needle, K 2 tog., K 1; work across instep needle, then beginning 3rd needle K 1, slip 1, K1, P-S-S-0., work to end of needle.

Work 1 round even.

Repeat these last 2 rounds until there are 16 sts. on each heel needle.

Work even until foot measures 8½ inches from back of heel (allowing 2½ inches for toe).

Then on first needle, K to last 3 sts., K 2 tog, K 1; on instep needle, K1, slip 1, K 1, P.S.S.O., K to last 3 sts.; K 2 tog., K 1. On third needle, K 1, slip 1, K 1, P.S.S.O., K to end of needle. K 1 round. Repeat these last 2 rows until 16 sts. remain, weave stitches together.

Minerva Yarns 1936