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Exchanging knit to crochet


 Slippers              exchange to crochet       

From: Tvl00@aol.com

Materials rug or craft yarn 2 skeins main color  MC 4 ply. 3 ½ oz contrasting color CC two ¾ '' buttons  size 9 knitting needles and G crochet hook

Gauge 4 sts and 3 ridges to inch

To increase (inc) k in front and in back of same st
To decrease (dec ) k2 tog

Row 1 with MC and size 9 needles cast on 6 sts and knit across.

Row 2-26 k across 13 ridges.

Row 27-28 Inc in first st K across to last st inc in last st (28 sts at end of row 38).

Row 39 knit across.

Row 40 inc in first st knit across.

Row 41 K across.

Row 42 (K3, P1) across ending k1.

Repeat Row 42 for 6 inches.

next Row knit across

next Row dec in first 2 sts knit across (28).

Next 11 rows Dec in first 2 sts K across to last 2 sts dec in last 2 sts (6 sts at end of last row).

Next 24 rows knit across

Row 1 K 2 bind off 2 K 2 (4).

Row 2 K2 cast on 2 K 2 (6).

Row 3 K across.

Row 4 bind off.

Fold together sew heel and toe just above foot.

Sew on buttons make two one inch pom poms sew to heel

Rnd 1  join CC in any st of side sc evenly around entire edge join with sl st in first st.

Rnd 2 ch 3 dc in sl st skip next st * (sc ch3 dc) in next st skip next st repeat from * around join fasten off.      Rosie