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    Jess's Cabled Ski Hat

This is a very attractive ski hat with a brim that folds up and back.  It fits a bit like a 20s cloche and looks fantastic in dark colors.  I've made it in purple and a heathery light blue, and I think the purple is best (but alas, that one is a gift....

Here's the pattern: ONE SIZE FITS ALL

Heavy Worsted Weight Yarn - about 100grams/166 yards. (1 used: Creative Yarns International Hearty Worsted, but an Aran weight would work too.)

16" size 10 circular needle, size 10 double pointed needles 1 Stitch marker

4 stitches=l inch in stockinette

C6F: place first 3 stitches of cable on a double pointed needle and hold them in front of the work.  Knit next three stitches as normal, then knit the three stitches off dpn.

C6B: same as C6F, but hold the three stitches behind the work instead.

PS: Pass stitch

Cast On 80 stitches onto circular needle, join without twisting stitches, place marker at beginning of round.

Edging: K one round, P one round, K one round, P one round, K *two* rounds

Cable Pattern:
R1: PS, C6F, PS, K12, repeat around.

R2-6: PS, K6, PS, K12, repeat around.

R7., PS, C6F, PS, C6B, C6F, repeat around.

R8-12: PS, K6, PS, K12, repeat around.

R13: PS, C6F, PS, K12, repeat around.

R14:  PS, K6, PS, K12, repeat around.

R15: PS, K6, PS, C6B, C6F repeat around .

R16-18: PS, K6, PS, K12, repeat around.

R19: PS, C6F, PS, K12, repeat around.

K one round, P one round, you're done with the brim.

Purl one round, decreasing 8 stitches evenly spaced to 72 stitches.

P each round until hat measures 7" from brim end or whole hat measures 12" (you will flip this portion inside out, so the "knitted" side will show when you are done).

Then Decrease;
R1: P2, P2tog, repeat around.

R2: P around.

R3: (transfer stitches to dpns, divide evenly) P2tog, Pl, repeat around.

R4: P around.

R5:  P2tog.

R6: P around.

R7: P2tog.

R8: P2tog, 5 sts remain, cut yarn and draw end through sts, pull tight and weave-in ends. 

Now, push purled portion of hat up through cabled brim, adjust and wear!  Beautiful, isn't it?

Please feel free to distribute as long as my name is on the pattern.  This is now in the public domain! Jessica Minier Mabe