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See what I made !

It is so much fun to let others see your work, to share the joy of needlework. From a simple strand of thread or yarn we get these wonderful treasures!

If you'd like to let the world see your handiwork, just send it to knit@knitting-crochet.com along with a description of the patterns or any other points of interest regarding your work. We'd also love to see your smiley face!

I just finished this baby sweater and baby booties set. The booties pattern I found right here, on knit and crochet, sent in by Jayne at this URL: http://www.knitting-crochet.com/crochet/eababo.html the first 10 rows are in yellow while the last row is in light orange to match the rabbits in the sweater. Since there is no photo perhaps you might consider using this one even if I am only a novice crocheter :) Thank you so much for this wonderful site.
I have always loved the quilt called the log cabin, but don't like to sew, I love to crochet so I thought, why not. This is my log cabin afgan. It took about 9 months to do. I used no patterned, just used the measurements out of a quilting book, and used a db. cr.     I like your sight, thank you for it.   Kathy

Here are the wasclothes that I have been making as Christmas gifts :) Julie julieknits@zoominternet.net