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Exchanging knit to crochet

Exchange knitting to crochet or crochet to knitting.

Reversible Afghan

  Exchange to crochet

Thank you Laurie N. For sending this in to share.

  In the one picture I folded the edge over to see both sides but the color of it may make it hard to see.  In the background you will see a 3 panel wooden picture holder that I decorated with Gallery Glass and Redi Led.  I left out the cardboard and put molding in to hold the glass panels.  Just another fun thing I do!  It makes ordinary glass really beautiful and so easy.

I used Bernat's Handicrafter Cotton color salt n pepper and Cro-sheen mercerized cotton grey, 1 strand each and number 13 needles. 

The finished size is 38 X 54 and the pattern goes like this:

Cast on 93 stitches loosely.

Rows: 1-6  K.

Row 7: K6 * (P3  K3), rep from * to the last 6 st and K6.

Row 8: K3, P3 to last 3 st  K3.

Row 9: same row 7.

Row 10: same row 9.

Row 11 + 12:  Knit.

Row 13: same as row 8.

Row 14: same as row 7.

Row 15: same as row 8.

Row 16: same as row 7.

Row 17 + 18 Knit.

Repeat rows 7-18 (11) times more.

then rows 7-16 once.

Knit 6 rows.

Bind off in K. 

Weave in ends.