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Exchanging knit to crochet

  Poncho or Shawl  

  Exchange to crochet

Get some of the softest Yarn that you like to knit and begin with Cast on four stitches, 

K, the 1st Row. 

2nd Row; K, 2 sts, YO, knit across Row.     

Every Row after that first one is the same until you think you have it big enough for wherever you want to use this:  as a doily.

As the front of a poncho for a baby, make a second one the same and sew up a shoulder seam on the top leaving a neck opening.  (You decide how big an opening and whether to do some crocheting around the opening )    

You can keeping going until you make it to fit a half of a table top and then begin to decrease by Knitting the next Row without a YO. 

Next Row:* K one, k,2 together, YO, Knit 2 together then k,  across the Row.. 

Continue all rows as that *  until you get to having only six sts. on the needle. Bind Off.   

If you had wanted an adult poncho, you could have knit the increasing rows until you had enough rows for a front then in the next Row Bind off enough sts to the right of the middle for a neck opening and to the left of the middle.  (if it gets too wide you can always make some button loops and sew on buttons to close it when wearing it)  Knit across the rest of the Row.     

Knit the next Row, when you get to the beginning of the bound off sts for the neck opening, CO as to knit, enough sts to match the neck opening and pick up the sts on the other side of the opening and knit across those sts.  ( Your experience helps here).  and then finish that Row. 

Turn and begin decreasing rows.   

This triangular piece can be worked on until your mind says stop and I don't want to do this mindless thing and soon you will start to think of all the other patterns that you had thought someday you would do and so QUIT and tear it apart and use it for something else later.   GOOD KNITTING    Jody