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Exchanging knit to crochet

Exchange knitting to crochet or crochet to knitting.

Easy Poncho 

Exchange to crochet

Made up Fast with bulky weight yarn  

Sizes:  Directions are for medium size. Changes for large size worked on same number of sts on larger  size needlesare in parentheses.

Fits Bust Size:      32 - 34 (38 - 40)".

 Materials:  Bulky weight Yarn 5 skeins - Color A, 1 skein each - Color B and Color C for all sizes.

Knitting Needles, 1 pair straight needles No. 10 ½  for medium size;  No. 11 for large size. Aluminum crochet hook size K.

  Gauge: On number. 10 ½    needles, 3 sts = 1"; 4 rows = 1"

  On  number. 11 needles, 8 sts = 3;  7 rows = 2".

Test Piece: With No. 10 ½  (11) needles cast on 12 sts.

Work in twisted stockinette st for 16 rows. Piece should measure 4 (4 ½)" square, if too small, try larger needles; if too large, try smaller needles, until correct gauge is obtained.

Note 1 Do not use bobbins for color changes; wind pattern colors into small balls, Change colors on wrong side, lock strands by picking up new color from under dropped color. Carry colors not being used loosely across back of work. Cut and join colors as needed, run in ends on wrong side. Entire garment is worked in twisted stockinette st pat.

 Note 2: Left Front arid Right Back: Read chart from left to right on k rows; from right to left on p rows.

Note 3: Ri9ht Front and Left Back: Read chart from right to left on k rows;  from left to right on p rows.

Pattern: Twisted Stockinette St. :

Row 1 (right side): Knit in back of each st.

Row 2: P across Row, Repeat these 2 rows for pat.

Left Front: Beg at lower edge with A and No. 10¼ (11) needles cast on 70 sts.

Row 1: (right side): Work Row 1 of pat to within last 2 sts, k 2 sts tog (dec) in back of sts (center edge).

Row 2: Work Row 2 of pat. Continue in pat for 4 more rows, continuing to dec 1 st on every k Row at center edge, end on wrong side 67 sts. Check gauge; piece should measure 22 (24 ¾") wide, Follow chart 1 (Note 2) beg at arrow on Row 1, continuing to dec 1 St on every k Row as before at center edge. Work to top of chart 1. With A only continue in twisted stockinette st, dec 1 st on every k Row as before at center edge 8 times --51 sts, Follow chart 2, continuing to dec 1 st on every k Row at center edge - 48 sts, Work with A only hereafter, dec 1 st every Row at center edge until 18 sts remain. Bind off,

Right Front: Beg at lower edge with A and No. 10½ (11) needles cast on 70 sts.

 Row 1: (right side): K first 2 sts tog (dec) in front of sts (center edge), work Row 1 of pat to end of Row. Row 2: Work Row 2 of pat. Complete to correspond (Note 3) to left front reversing pat and shaping, making decs in above manner.

Left Back: Work same as right front.

Right Back:Work same as left front.

Collar: With A and No. 10½ (11) needles cast on 72 sts, Work in k1, p1 ribbribbing for 4' Bind off in ribbing 22 sts at beg of next 2 rows (front edge of collar), Bind off 3 sts at beg of next B rows, 2 sts at beg of next 2 rows.  

Finishing: Weave center front seam to within 4" of bound-off neck sts for neck opening. Weave center back and side seams. From right side with A work 1row Sc around entire lower edge of poncho, keeping edge flat. Steam-press poncho lightly. Weave each bound off front edge of collar to bound-off edge of each front neck edge. Weave remaining shaped edge of collar to shaped edge of back neck sts.

Lace: With A and crochet hook make a chain appro. 45" long. Lace thru front V-neck opening as pictured.

Pompoms (make 2): Wind A around 3" piece of cardboard 30 times. Slip off card­board and knot chain thru tops of loops. Tie a piece of  A yarn around loops about 1" down front top. Cut at lower ends of loops and trim.

Fringe: With A coming from wrong side to right side, * insert hook from right side and pull a loop thru a Sc at lower edge; ch 1 and pull loop up on hook to measure 5",remove hook (loop fringe made). *  Repeat from * to *  in every other sc around lower edge.