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Yarn Lover's News November 2012

Greeting Yarn Lover's …Our hearts all go out to the millions
of people going through the worst natural disaster the U.S.
has gone through in recorded history. Many states are sending
electric trucks to help get them back on line and the Red
Cross is sending many trucks in to lend a hand. You’ve seen
the pictures on TV I’m sure or living through this. I can’t
imagine how everyone will find shelter before the winter
settles in. Our prayers go out to them/you. Where are all
the leaders? Why are so many people still without the basic
needed? Wasn’t there a plan in place while we all sat and
waited the almost 2 week for the storm of the century to
reach the shores?

It almost time to vote and all these ads and back stabbing
will be over. Let us pray that with the new President or the
same one for another 4 years that we all come together as one.
I so dislike the way elections are going now. Or maybe I’m not
remembering the past ones right. Whichever way it turn out,
I’ll be glad for November 7 th and everyone getting back to
their settling into the next four years.

I’m sending along some more Questions you’ve sent to
me and the Anders I’ve sent back. So here we go….
Q. Pattern says to work “IN” the next chain or stitch-
does this mean under both loops or only the back one?

A. Under both loops unless the directions tell you


Q. Subject: crochet Navajo Indian Multi-Colored Afghan,
Hi, I am Sooooo Happy right now!!! I have looked for this
patter for at least 8 yrs.!!!just happened be browsing
around last night and all of a sudden BOOM there is was!!!
I can't wait to get started!!!! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM
OF MY HEART!!! I would like to make this in baby colors
for my newest granddaughter. Do you have any suggestions
for color combinations of baby colors?? I can’t seem to
make up my mind on what would look good. Thank You Thank
You Thank You!!! Nancy D. From Michigan

A. I'd use all the pastel colors for a girl going with maybe
pink of violet in-between each color, making it mostly pink
of a girlie color. For a boy I'd use lots of different blues
with a tad white


Q. Hi, I wondered if you could help me please. I live in the
UK and wanted to know if I can use 2 balls of wool to make
up chunky and also super chunky. If so would it be 2 balls
of double knitting to make chunky or would that be super
chunky. Looking on your website it would suggest you had
to use a ball of 4 ply and a ball of double knit to get
chunky, is this correct? Also would you use two balls of
Aran to equal super chunky? I’m asking these questions
because I have lots of balls of double knitting but would
like to knit something thicker. Many thanks. Kind Regards,

A. Everything you think could be … is…. in my opinion.
BUT there is nothing better than a gauge. I’d take the
time to knit up one using the 2 balls of wool. That way
you’ll know for sure.

Q. I am just checking to see if anyone might have
information on the size conversion chart I asked about.
Thank you.

A. Not sure which conversion chart you are looking for
but you'll find needle to hook at
and a conversion for yarn at

Q. Hello there! I'm really hoping you can help me
out...or explain this to me...I have been knitting for
a little over 1.5 years now. I feel pretty confident
in starting a EASY pattern for a baby blanket. My
sister is due in August of 2008, and I'm hoping to
create a masterpiece for her by then, A SIMPLE
masterpiece. I found a pattern on your site that I
just love, but I'm confused about one thing: how do
you knit a baby blanket? I mean, I obviously can follow
the simple pattern laid out for me, but WHAT NEEDLE
DO I USE?? In this pattern, it's calling for a U.S.
10. Is that a normal, straight size 10 or is there a
special needle I should purchase for doing a blanket?
I really would like to know...Please help me here!!
I'm desperate to have someone explain it to me!! (I
have to cast on 127 sts. I don't think it'll fit on a
regular needle.) Thanks!

A. You can use long straight needles or circular needles.
Either way will work with your stitches you have..
It's more the yarn than the blanket that makes a
masterpiece, I love the "baby soft" at most Wal-Mart's
for baby blankets. It would be perfect for your US #
10 needles. It works up beautiful and very soft in
fact, softer with each washing. And it goes into
the dryer.
What could be better?

Q. Hi There I want to first say how much I enjoy your
emails they are just great. Don't ever stop!!!!I have a
little problem with a pattern for a waffle blanket,
the pattern reads

Row 4: p2 *k1 (through back loop, twisting stitch)
k1, p1, and so on. I don't understand what they mean
by twisting. Hope you can help me. Thanks Shirley

A. If you knit into the back of the stitch it will
automatically twist the stitch.

Q. Subject: changing yarn weight for a pattern.

I have a baby afghan pattern (knit) that calls for
worsted weight yarn. I have some beautiful yarn
that is a light sport weight yarn. How do I adapt
the pattern?

A. You can do one of two things to exchange this.
Work 2 strands of your yarn held together throughout.
This will work up a tad more than worsted weight so you
can use the hook / needle size recommended or go up
(larger) one size. That will, of course, make your
afghan a tad larger.
Or you can use one strand of your sport weight and the
hook or needle size recommended which will give you a
lighter look to your finished work or go down (smaller)
one hook / needle size and work the pattern. Either of
these two ways will result in a smaller afghan than
your directions state as finished size.
Choice is yours either way... I'd work up a gauge /
sample to see how it looks using the different size
hooks / needles using both the one and two yarn held


Q. Can you help me with how to single crochet
around the post of a double crochet?

A. I'll show you. Another website has a picture
of it. http://crochet.about.com/library/blscdpost.htm

Q. Hello Shirley, Thank you for lovely newsletter,
so informative, You sound like a real busy lady and
I won't take up your time, with this e-mail Just
wanted you to know this is very much appreciated.
I have just started crocheting again after putting
it away for so many years, never realized how much I
have missed and all the new patterns, I volunteer at
our local hospital, several days a week and I make
Baby hats for all of our new babies, It is quite

If you would have any patterns for Baby hats,
would be appreciated,
Take care of yourself and family and I am with you
spoil those grand children while you can as they
grow up so fast. May GOD BLESS YOY AND KEEP YOU and
keep up the good work, it's rewarding.

A. Preemie Hat http://www.knitting-crochet.com/prehat.html
Baby Bonnet http://www.knitting-crochet.com/crochet/babbon.html
Baby Hood http://www.knitting-crochet.com/crochet/babhoo.html
Beanie http://www.knitting-crochet.com/crochet/beanie.html


Q. I found a pattern on your site and I just wanted to clarify
a couple of abbreviations. "sc" equals single crochet
correct, and what does "s1 st" mean?

A. sc is single crochet and sl 1 st means slip 1 stitch


Q. Could you please send me the directions for a
chain loop? Thank you, Karen
A. Karen, sc, CH 9, sc in same sc.
That will make a wonderful loop. If you want it
longer or shorter... guess what you do?
Yup. just make the ch 9 into a ch 5 or 7 or 15... !!
Q. Hi, I just found you! I printed the Doilies in
Three sizes from the
Antique Patterns and it missed the right edge.
Not real bad, but could
make crocheting the pattern interesting, is
there a way to print and get
the entire pattern? I am very excited about finding
you. I crochet
antique doilies and such to sell in my daughter-in-law's
antique shop.
I look forward to your newsletter and spending
time on your site.
Thanks for all the work you have put into this
site. Janice Marshall

A. The answer is to copy the pattern by
hi-lighting the text and
picture if there is one, take that to your
word doc and then paste it.
(Notebook just works for text not pictures.
Copy that. Presto! Works
every time!

In answer to this question, another way to do it
is go to file, select page set up and select landscape.
That way the page is completely printed.

Q. Hi, enjoy your notes and look forward to them.
I have a knitting question - the psso - can you please
explain it to me - you explanations seem so much
clearer than books etc. thank you, Mary Ann

A. SSK and PSSO are the same - Slip, slip, knit works
two stitches together into one, resulting in a
left-slanting decrease. It is useful for shaping or may
be combined with corresponding increases to form patterns.
The ssk is the mirror of the k2tog.SSP - SSP (slip slip,
P2tog tbl), left slanting decrease: Slip two stitches knit
wise, 1 at a time. Pass the two stitches back to the L
needle. Insert R needle into BOTH of these stitches as
you would to purl through the back loops, wrap yarn
around R needle as usual, pull yarn through both loops,
and drop loops off L needle.

Q. I'm just started a crochet blanket and are unfamiliar
with the term (right side). I'm not yet that talented but
keep trying. Please get back to me when you can, I'm
excited about moving on with my pattern. Thank you, Donna

A. The right side is referring to the side that will
be seen or the side with the pattern on it.

Some Tips and Tricks for you all. We are always on the
lookout for tips to make our work look or fit better.
From Dotti, I use a stitch-holder from my knitting to:
mark my place when crocheting -- keeps stitches from
unraveling when I have to quickly put my work back in my
bag, and works better than a safety pin in that the
yard doesn't get caught up in the safety pin clasp.
I also slip a row counter from my knitting onto a
stitch-holder and pin it to my work to keep track
of what row I'm on when I have to count rows. Like so
many these days, I do most of my work while commuting
on the train where space is limited so doesn't like
to carry anything more than necessary. I've found
that a plastic toothbrush holder will hold one/two hooks,
yarn needle, etc

I'll end this newsletter with this e-mail from Carol who
reminds us … Courage does not always roar. Sometimes
it is a quiet voice at the end of the day, saying.....
"I will try again tomorrow."

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