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 Misses Tabard in Easy Seed Stitch    

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Bright colors and sides open to the ribbing have made it big on today's fashion scene. Our tabard, knit in a variation of the seed stitch, incorporates both these popular design features. The bottom ribbing is added after the back and front of the vest have been worked in pattern stitch.

Directions are given for size 10 with changes for sizes 12, 14 and 16 in parentheses.

Each size requires 4 skeins worsted weight yarn, one pair each numbers 5 and 8 standard knitting needles (or size required to obtain given gauge), one each of 16 and 35 inch number 5 circular needles and two  stitch holders.

  Gauge: 5 sts equal 1 inch, 7 rows equal 1 inch

 PATTERN STITCH: (multiple of 4 plus 3)

Row 1: P

Row 2: K 3, *p 1, k 3, repeat from across.

Row 3: P.

Row 4: K 1, *p 1, k 3, repeat from across row, ending with k 1.

BACK: With larger needles cast on 79 (83, 87, 91) sts.

Repeat 4 pattern stitch rows until piece measures 16½ (17, 17½, 18) inches or desired length allowing for 2 ½ inches of ribbing to be added around bottom edge.

Shape Shoulders: Bind off 9 (9, 10, 10) sts at beginning of next 4 rows, then bind off 8 (10, 9, 11) sts at beginning of next 2 rows. Sl remaining 2 7 (27, 29, 29) sts to holder for back of neck.

FRONT: Work same as back until piece measures 14 (14½, 15, 15½) inches.
Sl center 19 (19, 21, 21) sts to holder.
Join 2nd ball of yarn and work both sides at one time. Dec one St each side of neck every k row 4 times. 

When piece measures same as back, bind off shoulders on back.

Finishing: Sew shoulder seams. With longer circular needle pick up and k one St in each St along one side.  Work in ribbing (k 1, p 1) for 1 inch.

Bind off in ribbing. Work other side in same manner.

At each side overlap ribbing of front piece over ribbing on back piece, pin in place.

With circular needle pick up and k one St in each St around bottom of tabard.  There must be an even number of sts.  Work around in ribbing  for 2½ inches.
Bind off loosely in ribbing.

With shorter circular needle pick up and k approximately 86 (86, 90, 90) sts around neck edge including sts from all holders.

Work around in ribbing for 2 inches.
Bind off loosely in ribbing.
Fold ribbing double and loosely sew in place to wrong side.
Work in ends and block as directed on yarn label.

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