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Angels for Hope  crochet angels butterflies and smiley faces for anyone in need of hope or a smile.

Catholic Knitting Club    I have created this (Forum and E-mail Newletter) as a place to share our interest in knitting as well as a place for faith fellowship.

Crochet For Angels is a non profit charity. They are self funded. There is a range of babywear which is sold at craft fares to raise money to support ourselves. If you would like a gown or an angel pouch to be sent to you,in memory of your baby,or if you know of a hospital near to you that is in need of tiny blankets and burial gowns,or if you would like to join us yourself, please do me..... Amanda indogo1111@yahoo.com

Heavenly Angels in Need We donate to NICU's and high risk pregnancy centers. We knit, crochet, sew and more. We make burial items, hats, booties, mitts, quilts and so much more. We hope you join us in giving to babies in need! Helping Families one angel at a time!! 

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