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Exchanging knit to crochet

Exchange knitting to crochet or crochet to knitting.


Kay's Knitted Bell Ornaments  

Thank you Kay for sharing with us.

Using size 2 or 4 needles, cast on 14 (16 for longer bell) stitches.

Row 1 and all odd rows: Purl 4, knit to end.

Row 2 and all even rows: Knit.

Continue until there are 22 ridges (44 rows).

Cast off on an odd Row so the yarn is away from the bottom edge of the bell.

Sew up the side of the bell using the end left from when you cast on.. Do not cut off this yarn yet. Use the other yarn to gather the top of the bell by catching a thread of yarn in every other Row. Pull tight. Knot. Use the remaining yarn to make a loop to hang the yarn from the tree. You may add a jingle bell on the inside with the tail of the yarn you used to sew up the side.