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Exchanging knit to crochet

Exchange knitting to crochet or crochet to knitting.

Joining Granny Squares  

GRANNY SQUARE WITH MORE THAN ONE ROUND OF THE SAME COLOR TOGETHER: When making granny squares with more than one Row of the same color: start change of color in the corner loop of your granny square (or in the center stitches of any corner), do half of the stitches that are required to finish the Row. Then after joining to the beg ch of Row, ch 1, turn and sl st back into space of the corner, ch 3, turn, and then finish half of corner for this new Row, and finish the Row as previous Row etc. Ann beikenbary@adelphia.net


SEWING GRANNY SQUARES TOGETHER: If you plan to sew your sq's tog, after fastening off ea sq leave an ending piece of yarn long enough to sew it to another sq, approximately 14" long. Ann beikenbary@adelphia.net


YARN/THREAD TAILS: When making sq's or other shaped motifs to use in a larger project, it's faster and easier to tuck in all yarn/thread tails as you finish ea sq or motif. Ann beikenbary@adelphia.net


One tip I learn from a friend about the granny squares is as follow.  When you first join your square and on the first Row, you work your long piece of yarn into your circle as you make your first Row of stitching, carry in around with you as u would do when u knit, then when done, just cut off yarn.  It really works. Thank you, Marlene