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Hot Damn Afghan   exchange to crochet

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From  terri   niteshift3@

This is the pattern for making the Hot Damn Afghan. I have had more wonderful responses.  I did find the Caron Dazzleaire yarn at Michael's Arts and Craft store because someone was kind enough to tell me it might be there...and. IT WAS!!!!
I LOVE YOUR SITE and LOVE the people who go into your site...  THANK YOU...HUGS. From Linda  &  Barbara

 HOT DAMN AFGHAN Sold at better department stores in this area for $800 - $1,000. The reason for the name Hot Damn? Well, if you can do it from $50 to $250, what do you say when you realize how much you can save? See? You say "Hot damn!"

You can use size #15, 17, 19, 35, or 50 needles...you can use three, four, five, six, or even seven strands of yarns held together.

You can use El Cheapo yarns or go whole hog with mohair, silks, nubbies, slubbies, or? You'll need approximately 700 yds. of each yarn to make an average size throw...add more if you want to make it bigger.

Hot Damn # 1

Cast on 50, 60 or 70 sts, depending on the needle size you use and on the purpose of  the throw.

Baby afghan would be probably three yarns on size #15 needles...so you'd use the 70 sts....#35 you'd use six strands and 50 sts. Get the idea?

Work six rows of garter and then begin the pattern:
Row 1: K each stitch, wrapping yarn twice around needle to create an extra wrap.

Row 2: K or P back (whichever you prefer for a special look), dropping extra wraps as you go.

Row 3,4,5,6,7: all knit.

Row 8: Purl.

Row 9: Knit.

Row 10: Purl.

Rows 11,12,13,14: all knit.

Repeat these 14 rows for six, seven, eight or however many times you want for the length you need.

Then repeat Rows 1 and 2 once, then six rows of garter st. to finish.

Fringe with the leftovers.

Suggestions for yarns: Mohair blends, Canadian, Mousse, Ribbons, Virevolte, Metallic, Gormaya, etc.

Suggestions for color: Bring in a sample of what you want to match. A cushion, piece of wallpaper or whatever. Pick one yarn of each color you would like to bring  in, in a variety of textures...unbelievably beautiful. I suggest you always make a small swatch of what you are using before beginning the main item as it is really surprising how the colors change when worked together. You can add a lighter color to "lighten it" or a darker color to "darken it".

After one, I guarantee you will make many, many more. One drawback is that when ever anyone sees it, they want one too. I think I have done close to a hundred of them in the past two years. Let me know your reaction...they have been HOT out here. As an added note, most knitters are using size #19 circular needles  & 5 or 6 strands of yarn. It's very quick and it's great fun - hope we'll hear how much you are enjoying doing it!


 This was the 2nd afghan pattern posted  and is worked up in much the same way as far as yarns and needle size. Okay guys...if you want a break...here is another pattern on #l9's; thought about doing it on #35's just to drive you crazy... but? Materials: five, six or seven yarns, just as for the "other one".
A circular #19 yes, Virginia...there is a #19... Now...every row is exactly the same.

Cast on 70, 80, or 90 sts. according to how many yarns you have.

Now: Knit 10 sts. (garter); purl 1, (YO, P2 tog.) six times; Knit 10, P1 (YO, P2 tog) six times; Knit 8, Pl (YO, P2 tog six times; knit 10, P 1. (YO, P2 tog.) six times; Knit 10. 

Work even in pattern until it is the length you desire.

Bind off LOOSELY!!!

Fringe heavily...Now? I usually use l00 sts. with this but it does make it quite wide ... I haven't figured out the repeat on this so check it to make sure it fits in the lesser number of stitches.

You could cut out a couple on each end of the l0 sts. or cut out one repeat...or cut out one repeat in each YO P2 tog. group... in other words... make the thing work by cheating as needed. ENJOY!!!!!


That's right, folks, another HD afghan.  I saw something I liked, and thought I'd see if I could duplicate it.

Materials: Size 15, 17, or 19 circular needles
Yarn is about 1000 yds of each type yarn you want to use. I used 2 strands of worsted weight acrylic held together with 2 strands brushed worsted weight acrylic on size 17 circulars.

Cast on a multiple of eight (8) stitches--64, 72, 80, etc. (I used 120 stitches which made a very wide afghan--also used more yarn!).

Rows 1-4: Knit (garter) across.

Rows 5-8: Knit 4, Purl 4 across.

Repeat Rows 1-8 for the length of the afghan...a minimum of 12-15 repeats is suggested.

Fringe with leftover yarns. ***** That's all there is to it. I wanted to follow the K.I.S.S. principle with this afghan. The blanket has the same appearance on both sides, as long as you stay with a multiple of eight.

Variation On # 3  
Thanks,  terri   niteshift3@hotmail.com

with apologies to the girls who posted the 3 hot damn afghan patterns, I modified #3  to make it super easy for beginning knitters (like me!).  

4 colors yarn. Change color every 4 rows.
size 17 straight needles (sometimes called jiffy knit needles)  

cast on 40 stitches with all four strands

rows 1 - 4 - knit

rows 5 - 8 - knit 4, purl 4

repeat above 8 rows 12 times, end with 4 rows knit  

This will make a panel - make 3 panels. Assemble panels side by side using mattress stitch.  this makes afghan 120 count width.  

This is the quickest, chunkiest afghan ever.  reason why it's great for beginners - some beginners find working with circular needles difficult.  this is super fast and non-frustrating for those who like to see quick progress.  mistakes are easy to fix because stitches are so large - rows easy to count, etc.  

I made one for my  17 year old son using 2 strands black, 2 strands red - his high school colors.  he loves it!  and I did it in a weekend!  

happy knitting and thanks so much for the wonderful site -