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 Heirloom Baby Bonnet      

  This is a perfect shower gift for a bride or baby.

Pattern for handkerchief baby bonnet and poem.
10 x 10½" square of handkerchief linen or heirloom type fabric or a purchased hanky.

1¼ yards of 1" wide flat lace
1 yard of ¼ " satin ribbon
1 Wing needle
Basting thread or machine embroidery thread
Rotary cutter, mat and ruler.

1. With rotary cutter, square up linen. Thread your Sewing Machine with fine thread.

2. Place lace along outside edges ¼ " in from edge.

3. Insert wing needle and touch the entredeux stitch. Stitch lace in place along edge with entredeux stitch. Trim away fabric from behind lace to stitching.

4. With wing needle and lightweight matching thread, use a decorative stitch to sew the edge of the hanky ½" from hem.

5. To form bonnet, turn back 2 ½" along one edge and press. Attach ribbon 1" in front of this fold at center and 1" in from both edges. Touch a satin stitch heart to tack with.

6. On opposite side, turn back 1", press and sew basting stitch ½" from fold. Gather up and secure to form back of bonnet.

Treasure Handkerchief Bonnet Poem (To Put With The Bonnet)

I'm just a little hankie as square as square can be,

But with a small stitch or two a bonnet I will be.

I'll be worn from the hospital or on my christening day,

And after that, be folded then carefully put away.

When on that future wedding day so we've been always told.

The well-dressed bride must always wear something that is old.

So what could be more fitting

  Than to find little me

And with a few fine stitches snipped  A wedding hankie be.

And if perchance it's a boy someday he'll surely wed

Then his bride can have the hankie once worn upon his head.


I am a little bonnet
As you can plainly see.
But could you guess a Handkerchief
Is what I used to be?

Wear me home from the hospital,
And again on Christening Day
Then safely keep me tucked away
Until your Wedding Day

For good fortune all brides
Must wear something old
So just clip a couple stitches
And a wedding hanky will unfold.

If perhaps it is a boy,
On the day he is to wed
Won't his bride be proud to use
The bonnet worn upon his head.