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Exchanging knit to crochet


Hans Brinker / child's knit sweater         

  Convert this to crochet

Instructions are for size 2. Changes for sizes 4 and 6 are in ( )

Materials Worsted weight yarn (4oz. skein)-2 each Scarlet and White. 

Size 9 knitting needles or size for Gauge, size 9 Hero double points needles; size "H"  crochet hook; stitch holder. 

Gauge: 9 sts = 2; 11 rows = 2". 

Finished chest measurements -24 (25 - 27½). 

NOTE: To change colors, pick up new color from under old to prevent holes. Twist colors every 3 sts. 

Back With Scarlet cast on 54 (56-62) sts,

Working in garter stitch (k every row), work 4 rows Scarlet, *2 rows White, 2 rows Scarlet.

Repeat from * once.

With Scarlet, work in st st (k 1 row, p 1 row) for 1 (1½ - 1½)", k 2 rows White, 2 rows Scarlet.

Work Jacquard Pattern from chart. Work even through Row 8 of 2nd repeat of Jacquard Pattern. 

Shape Armhole; Bind off 4 sts beg next 2 rows. Work even until armhole measures 4¼ (4½, 4¾)". Bind off 15 (15-15) sts beg next 2 rows, place rem'g 16 (18-18) sts on holder for back of neck.


 Front: Work as for Back through Row 10 of second repeat of Jacquard Pattern. 

Divide for Front Opening; Cont'g pattern, with Scarlet, k 22 (23-26) sts; place rem'g 24 (25-28) sts on a holder. Work in pattern on one side until armhole measures 3¼ (3½ - 3¾)", ending at front edge. 

Shape Neck: Bind off 3 (4-4) sts at front edge once, 2 sts twice. Shape shoulder as on Back. Place sts from front holder on needle; attach yarn. Bind off center 2 sts; complete as for first side. reversing shaping. 

Sleeve; With Scarlet, cast on 36 sts, Working in garter st, work 4 rows Scarlet, * 2 White, 2 Scarlet. Repeat from * 3 times inc'g 2 (4 - 6) sts evenly spaced on last Row. Change to st st. Repeating Rows 1-8 of Jacquard Pattern, work until piece measures 11½ (12 - 12½)"; bind off. 

Hood: Sew shoulder seams. With dp needles, starting at bottom of right neck edge, pick up 42 (44 - 44) sts around neck including sts on holder. Repeating Rows 1 through 8 of chart throughout, work in st st, inc'g 1 st each side of 2 center sts every 3rd Row 12 times. Work 7 rows even then dec 1 st each side of 2 center sts every 3rd Row 4 times; bind off all sts. Fold bound-off edge in half; sew. 

Finishing; With White and dp needles, pickup sts around front of hood and front opening; join. Working in garter st, work 2 rows White, 2 Scarlet. Bind off. 

Sew sleeves to armholes, sew side and sleeve seams. With White, crochet a chain 36" long, lace through border of opening as shown. Crochet 18" cords for wrists, weave through wrist edge. 

Good Housekeeping 1972