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Exchanging knit to crochet


Man’s Gloves          Convert this to crochetglopic1-1.jpg (14684 bytes)

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Size 8 ½ ,1 Set No. 4 Double Point Needles.

Scale: 5 ½ sts. to 1 inch, 8 rows to 1 inch.

1 Skein SPORTS YARN any color

RIGHT GLOVE: Working with 2 needles, cast on 50 sts. and work in pattern same as cap for 7 inches.

Change to P. 1, K. 1, ribbing, beginning with a purl st. andcounting the Y.O, slip 1 of previous row as 1 st. Put work on 3 needles and work with a 4th needle.

 Work even in ribbing for 2 inches.

Change to plain knitting and decrease by K. 2 tog. at the beginning of every needle every other row 2 times (44 sts. on the 3 needles).

Divide the sts. so that there are 16 sts. on each of the first 2 needles and 12 sts. on 3rd needle (having seam in cuff between the first and second needles).

Work 5 rows even then work to last 3 sts. on 3rd needle, mark 3rd st. from end then increase in this st., K. 1, increase in last st. on needle.

Increase in this marked st. and in the last st. on needle every 3rd row until there are 16 sts. between marked st. and end of needle.

Place these 16 sts. on a thread or st. holder, cast on 4 sts. over these sts. And work even for 2 inches. (46 sts. on round).

First finger: Cast on 2 sts. at end of 3rd needle, slip sts. of first and second needles on a thread.

Divide the 16 sts. on 3 needles. Work even for 2¼ inches. Work 5th and 6th sts. tog for 2 rows.

Work 1 round plain. K. every 3rd and 4th sts tog. around row.

Then K. 2 tog. around row.

Draw yarn through remaining sts. Draw tightly, fasten yarn.

Second finger: Take first 6 sts. from thread, cast on 2 sts., take last 6 sts. from thread and pick up 2 sts. on side on first finger (16 sts.). Work 2½ inches, then decrease same as first finger.

Third finger Work in same manner, picking up 2 sts. on side of 2nd finger, 5 sts. on palm, cast on 2 sts., and take up last 5 sts. from thread. Work 2¼ inches then finish same as other fingers.

Fourth finger: Use remaining sts. and pick up 2 sts. on side of 3rd finger.

Work 2 inches. Finish as first finger.

Thumb: Place the 16 sts. on needles and pick up 4 sts. over the cast on sts. Knit 2 sts. together twice over the picked up sts. for 2 rounds. On the remaining sts. work even for 2½ inches. Finish same as first finger.

LEFT GLOVE: LEFT GLOVE: Work same as Right Glove to fingers.

First finger: K. 7 sts. of first needle, slip rest of sts. of first needle, all sts. on 2nd needle, and first 7 sts. of 3rd needle onto a thread.

Cast on 2 sts. before the last 7 sts. Work same as first finger of other hand.

Work other fingers same as Right Glove.

Minerva Yarns 1936