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Coat Jacket      

exchange to crochet

Size 10 to 12 years

Needles--1 pair American Standard No. 5.

Material Knitting worsted, 3½ four ounce skeins. 7 buttons

Gauge--6 sts to 1 inch. Pattern--Multiple of 4 sts. 

Back--Cast on 88 sts (92 sts, size 12), K 1 st, P 1 st across row. 

Next Row, K 2 sts, P 2 sts across row. 

Repeat these 2 rows for 2 inches.

K 2 tog, K across row, K 2 tog.

K 1 Row,

P 1 Row, decreasing 1 st at each end every 2 inches 2 more times, 6 inches, 82 sts. 

Work 2 inches even. Inc 1 st at each side every 2 inches, until work measures 10 inches (11 inches, size 12). 

Work 2 inches even. 

Bind off 5 sts at beg of the next 2 rows, K 2 tog at beg of the next 8 rows, 68 sts. 

Work even until armhole measures 6 inches, (6½ inches, size 12), measuring straight up from where the 5 sts were bound off.

Bind off 7 sts at beg of the next 6 rows, bind off remaining 26 sts for back of neck.

Pockets cast on 28 sts, K 1 Row,

P 1 Row for 4 inches, break yarn, place sts on st holder, end with a K row.

Left Front--Cast Left Front--Cast on 56 sts, (60 sts, size 12). Work border for 2 inches same as back. K 2 tog, K 6, (K 10, size 12), follow pattern across row. 

Next Row follow pattern for 48 sts, P 7. Dec and inc on seam end same as back and follow pattern on 48 sts until piece measures 6 inches. 

At seam end, K 5, bind off 28 pattern sts for pocket, continue border across row. 

Work 20 sts border, P 28 sts from st holder (pocket), P 5.

K 1 Row, P 1 Row following pattern until piece measures same as for back (55 sts).

Bind off 5 sts at beg of the next row for underarm. 

Now K 2 tog at beg of every row at underarm 7 times, 43 sts.

On next K Row, K 10, K 2 tog (dart) follow pattern.

Work 1 more decrease, 1 inch apart.

Now work even until armhole measures same as for back. 

Bind off 7 sts at beg of the next 3 rows at armhole edge. Put remaining sts on st holder.

Right Front -- Work to correspond making buttonholes as follows: Starting at front 1½ inches from bottom, K 1, P 1, K 1, P 1, bind off 3 sts follow pattern across row.

On next Row cast on 3 sts over those bound off.

Work 6 more buttonholes 2½ inches apart. Sew shoulder seams.

Collar--On right side, work 20 sts in pattern, pick up 24 sts across back of neck, follow pattern for 20 sts, left front. Continue pattern for 1¼  inches, bind off.

Sleeves--Cast Sleeves--Cast on 40 sts (44 sts, size 12), work border for 2 inches.

K 1 Row,

P 1 Row, for 2 inches,

* now inc 1 st on each side.

Work 1 inch even, repeat from * until sleeve measures 14 inches, 62 sts.

Work 1 inch even or desired length to underarm.

Bind off 5 sts at beg of the next 2 rows.

K 2 sts tog at beg and end of the next 4 K rows.

* Work 3 rows even, K 2 tog at beg and end of next row, repeat from * until you have 32 sts.

K 2 tog at beg and end of every row 4 times, bind off.

Finishing--Sew up side seams and sleeve seams, insert into armhole, having a little fullness at top of sleeve.

Sew on buttons.

Taken From Juvenile Styles  1943