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 Gail's Baby Bib   

Thank you GailsKnits@aol.com

Designed April 20, 2000

Materials: 1 oz Sport weight cotton or baby weight yarn.

Size # 5 Knitting needles.

This is such a simple bin to make that you can dress it up any way you like. By adding a fancy edging and different types of yarn and cottons.


Cast on 26 sts.

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: K 1 (always knit first and last st throughout for edging), p across, k last st.

Row 3: Inc in first st (inc by k in front and back of st as indicated), k across - do not inc in last st. Increasing in the first st only creates an even edging.

Row 4: Inc in first st, p across.

Row 5 thru 15: Rep Row 3 and 4.

Row 16: Knit

Row 17: K 1, p across, end k 1.

Row 18 thru 34: Rep Row 16 and 17.

Row 35: Sl 1, k1, psso, k across.

Row 36: Sl 1, k1, psso, p across.

Row 37: Rep Row 35.

Row 38: Rep Row 36.

Row 39: Rep Row 35.

Row 40: Rep Row 36.

Row 41: Rep Row 35.

Row 42: Rep Row 36.

Row 43: Sl 1, k1, psso, k 10, bind off 8 sts, k 10 sts = 11 sts each side of neck. Working each side separately - SL 1, p 1, psso, p 9 sts - 10 sts.

Next Row: K 10 sts.

Next Row: Sl 1, p1, psso, p 8.

Next Row: Sl 1, k1, psso, k 7.

Next Row SL 1, p 1, passo, p 6.

Continue in this manner until there are 3 sts rem, then bind off all 3 sts together, do not cut yarn.

Attach another piece of yarn to opposite side of next and work the same as first neck side.

Edging: C 1, working down outer side edge of bib, sc in end k st of next Row, ch 1, repeat down first side of bib to bottom cast on edge, ch 1, sc in 1 st cast on st, ch 1, and repeat across bottom edge, ch 1, work up 2 nd side of bib in the same manner as the first side of bib to the top, ch 30, sl st in 2 nd ch of ch just made and in each of the rem 28 ch, working on inside neck edge, then sc at base of ch, ch 1, sc in each st across neck edge to other side, up the inside neck edge to top of beg edging, ch 30, sl st in 2 nd ch and rem 28 chs, attach to 1 st ch 1, and fasten off.

Lightly press.

Note: Instead of making a chain for the ties, you can use ribbon and simply sew it to the bib, or you can make a thinner chain by doing a chain st and attaching it separately.