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Yarn Dog

Thank you for sharing this Harriet Schipper

I. Description of Activity Materials needed:

1- 4 0z skein knitting worsted yarn--main color

1- 4 oz. skein knitting worsted yarn--secondary color

3 pieces of wire, each 3- 5 inches long

colored felt 2 buttons

Equipment needed: scissors

cardboard or plastic square 3" x 3 fl long-nosed pliers


Wrap yarn 30 times around the cardboard or plastic square, remove the yarn from the square, tie the bunch in the middle, spread out loops to form puff.

Wrap 16 puffs of secondary color.

Wrap 36 puffs of main color.

Cut three pieces of wire, each 35 inches long, and bend each wire in half.

Place one puff on the wire by threading it from the open end to the bend.

Twist the wire behind the puff in order to secure the puff on the wire.

Continue threading puffs on the wire, twisting the wire behind each puff.

First wire: Head.....5 puffs of main color.

Neck.....4 puffs of secondary color. Body.....6 puffs of main color. Tail.....4 puffs of secondary color.

Second wire: Front legs.....Foot.....2 puffs of secondary color.

Leg.... 12 puffs of main color.

Foot.....2 puffs of secondary color. Third wire: Hind legs--repeat as for second wire.

Clip excess wire and bend the ends into the puffs to avoid possibility of scratching.

Sew the legs to the first wire in the appropriate places. Add eyes, ears, tongue, and ribbon as desired in keeping with the colors of the dog.