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Thanks Jayne

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You can use worsted , Sports or Baby yarn.
8 oz omber & 8 oz white for Bassinet size, or 16 oz  one color
12 oz omber and 12 oz white  for crib size or 24 oz solid
Crochet hook size H  or I
Gauge, When Blocked 2 sts =1" with worsted yarn

Directions are for bassinet size, directions for crib size are in parentheses

Ch 86 (102) loosely.  In 2nd ch from hook work sc and hdc, * sk 1 ch, work sc and hdc in next ch: repeat from * across, ending sc in last ch, ch 1 turn.

ROW 2; * Sk next st, in next st make sc and hdc: repeat from* across, ending sc in last st, ch 1, turn.

Repeat Row 2 four more times if using 2 colors, finish off omber.If using solid color just continue.

Join white in last stitch and work in pattern with white for 6 rows. Work alternating bands of 6 rows in ombre and white until 9(17) bands are complete. Solid- Just make rows until desired length.

EDGING: Join white on one end & work 1 Row of sc around entire afghan, working 1 sc in each st on ends, 3 sc in corners and working enough scs on sides to keep piece flat.  Join with sl st to first sc.

RND 2:  Ch 3, sk 1 sc, hdc in next sc, * ch 1 , sk 1 st, hdc in next sc; repeat from * around, working corners as follows.  In center sc of 3 corner scs work ch 1, hdc, (ch 1, hdc in same st) twice, ch 1.  At the end of rnd join with sl st to 2nd ch of ch 3. If number of sc isn't correct for pattern to work out neatly, adjust by skipping one or two sc of preceeding rnd when working pattern.

RND 3: * In next ch 1 sp work 5 hdc, sc in next ch 1  sp.  Repeat from * to space before corner, work hdc in corner hd, sc in the next sp, che 1; continue along next edge.  Complete rnd and finish off.

 If you want a plainer afghan for border, sc around adding 3 sc's in each corner. For baby blankets I make about 4 rounds. Adult ones 5 or more. The plain border takes much less yarn than the scalloped one.
Preemie blankets will use much less than for the full size. Sometimes I make the blanket in white and the order in another color.

Note- I've even used large hooks like a K and a N for adult afghans.
I have made sizes from Preemie to King size with this pattern. Just chain the width you want it to be, then follow pattern until you get to the length you want, add your border and its finished.