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Shaggy Edged Cowl

Thank you Sarah C

Materials required: 3 balls of Sirdar Funky Fur Magic Size 4mm needles (UK),

US size 6 Cast on 84 stitches.

Work four rows of garter stitch (every Row knit), then: Work loop stitch as follows four times (i.e. repeat from ** to ** four times):

Row 1 - ** Knit 1, *Make 1, bring yarn to front and then back again to make a loop, anchor it with your thumb. Slip the M1 onto the left hand needle, knit to together repeat from * to the end of the row. It looks a mess at this point, but don't worry - it comes straight in the next row!

Row 2 - Knit - as you do give a tug to the loop from the previous row. One side will pull, and the other won't. Pull the stitch tight, making a big shaggy loop!

Row 3-5 - Knit**

Row 6 onwards - Work in stocking stitch (one row knit, one row purl) for about 15 inches

Work 2 inches in knit two, purl two rib.

Cast off. This shaggy edge cowl needs to be sewn together into a tube - one, flat seam which can be carefully sewn or kitchener stitch.

I've used your free patterns before and I wanted to send something by way of contribution! Hope it is useful. Sarah Collins