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Rag Rugs

Rugs can be either made from old sheets or knit fabric; it depends on you. Recycle!

Cut the strips approximately 2-4 inches in width (depends on whether the material will fray).

Take 3 strips and knot together. If material frays, I turn both raw towards the center.

Now, braid the strips (like doing braids in children's hair). Do not braid to tight. This allows you to join easier later.

Pieces can be joined together by either hand basting or overlap the two pieces (2 in.). Continue to braid.

Joining the braids together can be done by sewing along the side of the braid or using narrow strips of material. The strips are better (I believe).

How do you do that? Weave the strip in and out of the braid. Just poke your finger through with the material or you can use a hook to push the material if braids are too tight.

You can make whatever shape rug you want. It depends on where you start to join. Good Luck! Lynda Burgess N.S. Canada