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Pot Holder

Thanks Linda W
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I used worsted weight yarn and a size I hook.  Chain 33

Row 1: Single crochet in the second chain from the hook and in each chain to the end. (32 single crochet). When you get to the end, don't turn, but single crochet in the back loop of the chain stitch you just crocheted in. Continue single crocheting in the back loop of each stitch to the end. (You are crocheting on the other side of the chain.) You should have the same number of stitches on each side of the chain. (64 single crochet in all)

Rows 2 through about 20:  Single crochet in each stitch around. After a few rows, you will notice that the ends of the piece start to curl up. Push the ends so that they both curl up the same way and keep working around. The number of rows you need to do depends on the yarn you use. After about 18 rows you should have what looks like a pouch.
Hold the pouch with the opening up, and fold the two corners of the pouch in toward the middle and push the it down flat. When you have enough rows, the sides that you just pushed into the middle will meet and the stitches will appear to run on a diagonal.
Work enough rows so that the sides meet, then sew the sides together.
Leave enough extra yarn so that you can chain a loop to use as a hanger for the pot holder.

You can add another colored stripe any place in the pot holder.

However, there is a trick to adding another color. When you have about 6-7 rows done, hold your piece up, it should look like a canoe.
Fold the "bow" and "stern" of the "canoe" in toward the middle and lay the piece flat. You should see a triangular part on each side of the piece. You have to add and finish your second color at the corner of one of the triangles. This way, the beginning and end of the second color will be hidden on the edge of the finished pot holder. You can add one big stripe or many smaller stripes, but keeping folding your piece like I described above in order to find the correct place to start and finish your stripe.

You can make lots of these pot holders with left over yarn.

One more thing... If you don't do all the folding, but just make a chain and keep crocheting around for 25 or 30 rows you can make a little purse. I thread a cord through the top to make a mini drawstring purse,
but you can also sew in a zipper to make a great makeup bag.