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Ostomy covers 

From: (Bette) betct@webtv.net   

No known pattern....but you can make up your own:
Measure the bag both vertically and width. Using a cotton thread (for washing and ease of wearing), crochet a swatch, in sc, double the width of the bag.  Continue in sc with as many rows as needed equal to the vertical measurement.

Fold the swatch in half, length wise. Sew or crochet across the bottom and up the side, forming the cover.  Crochet a chain
long enough to thread thru the top---- to use as a drawstring after the bag is inserted.  You also may crochet a much smaller bag, the same way, put a little men's or women's cologne on a cotton ball, insert the cotton ball into the small bag-----insert the small bag into the larger bag.  This will help cut down on any possible odors.