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Ninja Hat  Knit

Sent in from Kentucky

One size fits all. (Children's size; I used 1 size larger needles for adult size ) 4 oz. knitting worsted yarn needed.

Gauge: Stockinette st on #7 needles, 5 sts=1"; 7 rows=1" With #7 needles (#8 for adult size),

CO 86 sts.

Work in K1, P1 ribbing for 4".

Change to #5 (#6) needles. 

Continue in ribbing until 6 ½” from beginning.

Change to #7 (#8) needles; continue until 8 ½” from beginning.

Next Row:  Work across 1st 28 sts, bind off in ribbing 30 sts for face opening, work across rem sts.

Newt Row:  Working in ribbing, CO 30 sts over the bound-off sts.  (86 sts) Work in ribbing until section measures 12” from beginning.

Change to #5 (#6) needles. 

Work ½” in stockinette stitch (K1 Row, P1 Row).

Next Row:  Dec Row:  K1, * K2 tog, K10; rep from * 6 more times, K1.

Next Row:  P across.

Next Row:  Dec Row:  K1, * K2 tog, K9; rep from * 6 more times, K1.  (72 sts)

Next Row:  P across.

Continue in stockinette st, dec in every K Row in above manner, having 1 st less between dec until 16 sts remain. 

Cut yarn, leaving a 16” length for sewing.
Thread yarn into a blunt needle, draw through rem sts, fasten securely. 

Weave seam.  (I just backstitched the ones I made.)