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Laced slippers

Thanks sherry   xstitch1@flash.net
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color 1=a    color 2= b    ladies slippers one size fits most.

With a: cast on 62 stitches

Row 1- knit

Row 2- knit 3, * yo, knit 2 together, * repeat across, end knit 2

Row 3- knit

Row 4- knit

Row 5- purl

Row 6- knit, break off a, attach b (wrong side)

Row 7- purl

Row 8- knit

repeat Row 8 until piece measures 6- 6½ inches from beginning. end right side Row.

break off b, attach a

next Row- purl

next Row-knit

next Row-purl

next 2 rows-  knit

next Row- knit 3, yo, knit 2 together, across end knit 2

knit 1 Row

Bind off and gather end for toe, run in all ends using 2 strands of yarn, crochet a chain 45 inches long, lace through eyelets.