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Crochet Ear Warmer with Ties

For each 1/2:

ch5, join
7 sc in join
ch 1 turn

Row 1: sc in first 3 st; 3sc in 4th st; sc in last 3 st, ch 1 turn

Row 2-4: Copy 1st row, ch 1 and turn

Row 5., ch1 and turn and do single crochets across, ch1 and turn

Row 6 do the increases.

Follow Rows 5 and 6 for the pattern.

On each half, I crocheted for 12 ridges.

Put halves facing together, crochet w/sc to complete.

Add ties at bottom of each half. Slst and sc 50, slst back to ear warmer. Do for both sides.

Eyelash yarn added around cap.