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Bowknot Scarf 

  Hi, a long time ago a lady asked for a pattern for a neck scarf where one end of it slipped through a slot in the other end.  I scanned the picture and instructions from my pattern book, and had so many people email me that the instructions, when printed out, were unreadable.  I decided to try for myself and they were, indeed, unreadable!  I then typed them up into the Notepad format, and have had no letters back.  I am attaching the new format with this email, with the hopes that everyone who wants to access them, will be able to print them out and be able to read them. 

You will need 2 X 25 g balls Paton's Molaine and two 5.5mm kniting needles or 3 X 10 g balls Patons Fuzzy-Wuzzy and two 4mm knitting needles or whichever yarn and needles you need to achieve the tension given below.

4 sts and 5 rows = 1 inch with Molaine and 5.5mm needles in stocking stitch
6 ½ sts and 8 rows = 1 inch and 4mm needles in sticking stitch.

The instructions are written for Molaine scarf.  Any changes necessary for Fuzzy Wuzzy(FW) scarf are written in brackets thus:--( )

With Molaine and 5.5 mm needles or Fuzzy Wuzzy and 4 mm needles cast on 3 stitches.

1st Row:  Inc 1 st in first st.  Knit to end of Row.  Repeat 1st Row to 24 stitches on needle (FW- 32 sts)

Work 19 rows garter stitch (plain knitting every Row.)

To make slot:

*K1, Slip next st onto spare needle (I use a double pointed one-same size) keeping this st. at back of work.  Repeat from* to end of Row.  Sts are now divided on two needles.

Working on one set of stitches, work 12 rows (FW - 16 rows) in K1, P1 ribbing.  Break yarn.  Leave these stitches on st. holder.

Working on remaining sts, work 12 rows (FW - 16 rows) in K1, P1 ribbing.  DO NOT BREAK YARN.

To close Slot:

Next Row:  * K tog. 1 st from each needle.  K1 from front needle, K1 from back needle.  Repeat from * to 2 sts left on each needle.   (K tog 1 st from each needle) twice.  17 st on needle (FW - 23 st)

Continue in garter st until work, when slightly stretched measures 12 inches from slot closing.

Next Row: *K1.  K 2 tog.  Repeat from * to last 2 sts.  K2. 12 sts on needle (FW - 16 sts)  Work 12 rows (FW - 16 rows) in K1, P1 ribbing.

Next Row:  Inc 1 st in each st.  24 st on needle (FW - 32 st) 

Work 19 rows garter stitch.

Next Row:  K1, K2 tog.  K to end of Row.  Repeat last Row to 3 sts on needle,  Cast off.

Work in tag end