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Baseball Pattern 

Thank you Rochelle

baseballplayer1.jpg (2040053 bytes) click to enlarge baseballpattern2.jpg (1808834 bytes)

Q. I found these two patterns on your website.  I would like to have your permission to use them for an afghan I am knitting for my grandson.  I can't seem to print them out when I click to enlarge.  I would like to know the measurements to put it on graph paper.  Thanks Vickie


A.Vickie, The graph of the baseball player and playing field at http://www.knitting-crochet.com/found/basbal.html Using the thickness of the line every 10 squares I count the picture of the little guy up to bat is 89 squares wide and 90 squares high. The graph of the bat and playing field is  59 wide and 48 squares high.   Knowing that and what your gauge is you can do the math to be determine the size. Shirley