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Baby Doll Lapel Outfit    

From M Stevenson

Cute and clever enough to catch the eye of all the little ones-a tiny rubber doll that has a crocheted outfit. The dolls, which are about 1¼ inches long, are available in variety stores; use any short lengths of fine crochet thread, about size of tatting thread or finer, and a number 12 or 14 crochet hook to make the outfit. A small safety pin fastened at back makes it easy to pin on. Make several of these in a variety of colors for girls.

Abbreviations: Ch (chain; st (stitch); sl st (slipstitch); r (ring); sc (single crochet); dc (double crochet); sk (skip).

Panties: Ch 12, join in first st to form a r. Fill ring with a Row of sc, about 20. Repeat making two more rows of sc. Force doll's feet through circle up to crotch. After the panties are on the doll, work another Row of sc across the back of doll; this makes
them fit very tight and lengthens the back. Fasten and cut thread. Fasten thread between the legs and make 4 ch sts; then tie to other side of panties.

Skirt: Ch 12, join in first st to form a r. Ch 3 for first dc, then fill ring with dc, about 24; join with sl st in tip of first ch 3 made. In the next 2 rows work 2 dc in each dc around. Force doll's head through center, and arms between sc at sides.

For an edge around bottom, * ch 2, sk 1 dc, sc in next dc; repeat from * around. Fasten and cut thread.

Bonnet: Ch 4, join with sl st to form a r. Ch 3, dc in ring about 12 times; join. Ch 3, dc in same place, 2 dc between each dc of previous Row 8 times, leaving 4 dc for the back. *Ch 2, sc in next st, repeat from * around brim for edge.

Fasten a safety pin with 5 dc st at back of doll's head with dress up over its head; catch the back of the bonnet too.

That's it. I'd love to see how it comes out! Hope this helps. Margaret