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Hi, I have been looking at your impressive website, but I have found one rather awkward mistake on the page that has the abbreviations.
At the bottom of the page there is a ply conversion for 2 ply, 3ply, 4 ply and 5 ply.
Actually 2 ply wool is finer than fingering and used for lace making or fine shawls, 3 ply is a light baby wool, like fingering, 4 ply is a little heavier (double the thickness of 2 ply), 5 ply is sport weight, 8 ply is double the thickness of 4 ply and about worsted weight, then there is 10 ply - Aran weight and the 12 ply which is chunky (and 3 times the thickness of 4 ply, or 6 times the thickness of 2 ply).

Knitting is normally done on 12 ply with 6.5mm needles, 8 ply done on 4mm needles, 5 ply done on 3.75mm needles and 2 ply knitted on 2.25mm needles.

It is very difficult to get exact conversions, but if you only go to 5 ply as a bulky wool patterns will be very badly out of size.

Websites for English wool manufacturers like Sirdar will give you a recommended needle size for the thickness of wool, and English styled "DK" or double knitting is equivalent to 8 ply, Aran = 10 ply and Chunky = 12ply.
Thanks Kerry S Sydney, Australia

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