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Friendship Room, Finding a Pen-Pal

Looking for a e-mail buddy? ..... Need a crafting friend?

Friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly!

Remember when a Pen Pal was regarded as a very dear friend? Remember getting to know your pen-pal as if you were family? Well it can happen agIain here.

To write to someone listed below simply click on their "e-mail " link and introduce yourself.

Or to find an e-mail buddy write your note to knit@knitting-crochet.com with pen-pal in the subject line.

Here is a little something that came my way and thought you would like it too. Thank you takesian@erols.com


If nobody smiled and nobody cared and nobody helped us along, If every moment looked after itself and good things always went to the strong; If nobody cared just a little about you and nobody cared about me, and we stood alone, in the battle of life, What a dreary old world this would be. Life is sweet, just because of friends we have made and the things which in common we share. We want to live on, not because of ourselves, but because of the people who care. It is doing and giving for somebody else on which all of life's splendor depends. The joy of this world, when you've summed it all up, is found in the making of friends.


Hi! My name is Cassandra and I would love a pen pal! I am married and 24 years of age. I enjoy many crafts. My favorite is crochet but, I also enjoy knitting, embroidering, cross stitch and sewing to just name a few. I would love to meet anyone and although I don't mind e-mail pen pals I am dreaming of a true, old fashioned, snail mail one. Someone that doesn't mind keeping the USPS going and that loves to put pen to paper!

My email is Cassandra.loves.earth@gmail.com please feel free to email me and we can discuss swapping addresses



Hi my name is Loretta & I knit for preemies, still born & miscarriage & “GIVE” the to the local hospital here. I had more knitters I give to more hospitals. Any one wanting to knit I would to keep in touch with you.

Loretta Plaisance [loretta4doghouse@cox.net]


I'm 53 years old and I love to knit. I'm married, have 2 grown, married daughters, and 3 wonderful grandchildren. When I was much younger I had a pen pal for a while. I would love to have one again

Janet Damren [jandaughters2@gmail.com]




I would like to find a pen pal to share ideas , who had similar interests to me

I live in Leeds and love all crafts Particularly fashion and crafts using recycled materials

If anyone would love to talk and share ideas my email address is




Hi, my name is Larry and I am a male knitter.  I would say I am at the intermediate level.  I would like a penpal who shares my interest in antique or older patterns.  I would also like to learn things from my penpal and hopefully teach them something.  I live in Denver Colorado, would like a penpal here in the U.S. or one in Italy as I read/write in Italian.  Thank you.

LAWRENCE GREENE [lgreene49@msn.com]


Hi I'm Trish (56).I live with my husband in Essex England.I love knitting novelties,x-stitch,plastic canvas. Also love cats,teddybear collecting,happy people,gardening ,cooking, Andre Rieu and Christmas.Love to hear from like minded ladies anywhere
I can be contacted at : purplemist119@googlemail.com
Dec 30th 2012


Hello I am looking for crochet/knitting friendship penal for company. I live in Wrexham in Wales. I am deaf with good lip reader, I am 65 yrs with own car. Please anyone to reply thanks

Brenda Hopwood [burberry472000@yahoo.co.uk]


Hi I am Wendy and I am 48 years old I like all crafts main one being cross stitch but I do like knitting small things and crochet and card making and more.
I would like penpals a round my age and who like to write more than a couple of email.
I will reply to everyone who would like to drop me line.



I am looking for a crochet club and a place that has crocheting classes - in Houston, Texas.

Lee=Leona Urbauer [leona.urbauer@gmail.com]






Hi my name is Trudy and I would like a knitting pen pal. I am 52 years old and I do a lot of knitting. Im knitting an aran waistcoat at the moment for myself. I’ also interested in crochet, but have not mastered how to follow a pattern  in crochet yet.

trudy bourne [trudygary@hotmail.com]


Hey I am a freshman in high-school, and I started knitting when I was 7  and crocheting when I was 8. I am not as good at knitting and don't know what stitches are what, so I prefer to crochet. I think if I knew better how to knit I would like it just as much! :)

kim e [engstromk97@gmail.com]


hey there iam looking for a pen pal as ive been knitting for about a year i can do basic crocthing as well but i prefer knitting  i hope to hear from some one soon

kim truelove [rubbermonkey2600@gmail.com]


Hi, my name is Sue and I'm a mother of 3 grown daughters, grandmother of 6 and great grandmother of . I'm 72 years old and my pet peeve is hearing one of my daughters refer to me as her elderly mother. I love knitting and crocheting, especially baby thin gs. I am also a handspinner and I have an avid interest in scrapbooking and cardmaking.
Would love to correspond ( email or snail mail ) with like min ded guys or gals. My dream is to finish all of the prThanojects that I have
started. Thanks for your time.                                          

                   -Sue  -Atmyleisures@aol.com                          


Hi – I’d LOVE to have some yarn-loving email pals.  I’m Mary Beth, 52 years old (53 this summer), mother to four grown children and two grown stepchildren and foster mother to countless over the years.

I learned to crochet when I was 14 or 15 years old and I’ve enjoyed it ever since.  There was a time when my children were all little that I was really passionate about it.  Of course, I didn’t have a full time job and the internet back then and was pretty much tied to the house.  It definitely makes a difference.

My husband plays bluegrass music, and so I like that community. I also like to read  my Bible.  Gardening, canning and preserving, sewing, almost any craft.  I just signed up for a “learn to paint something of the month club” although I’m a little too scared to try.  My father in law was a professional artist while he was living, and my husband himself is quite talented.  I’m waiting till he is away at one of his bluegrass events before I even try my hand at it.  He’ll be wanting to “help”, I just know.  LOL!

I’m a big lover of dogs and cats.  We have two dogs and one cat who all get along well, I’m thinking of adding another cat for balance.   We live in a great big 180 year old farmhouse that had a city built up around it.  My husband has been renovating it for the past 8 years.  What a big job that is!

I’d love to hear from any yarn lovers – age doesn’t matter.  It’s nice when people have things in common, but it’s nice to learn about new things as well.

Mary Beth Walker


Hi , my name is Jan I live in St. Petersburg, FL and I would love to be part of a crochet group.
I think this service you are providing is so amazing, so thank you for that.
I hope I can find a group.


Jan DeVega [jdevega@knology.net]


Hi, my name is Mandie, or Michelle, I am a fifteen year old girl who loves crafts, particularly knitting :) I would love having someone to talk to so we could just chat or compare patterns.



----------------October 6, 2010-----------------

HI,  I'm interested in having a crochet pen pal. Crocheting is one of my favorite hobbies along with reading and photography.

At this present time I am working on five afghans.  Just about finished with one; hopefully tonight.  Then only four more to go. Three of  the afghans I'm making our circular.  They  take a little more time to do, but are also fun and the end results are nice - according to the recipients. As I crochet, I pray for the persons for whom I am making the afghans.   It is fun to choose the colors as well as the patterns.

If anyone would like to be a pen pal, I'd really like to hear from you.  Promise I'll respond. What do you like to crochet? How long have you been crocheting? I've been crocheting about 30 years. 

I am a cancer survivor. Have been in remission almost 5 years. God is good.

Back to my afghan..........

Thank you to all who respond to this.


----------------Febuary 25, 2010---------------

    I am 67, 68 next month---grandma/nonni to 11 and mother to six         I am a retired professional counselor and currently am a registered nurse
I am a member of the A American Legion Auxiliary, am a CASA volunteer and a member of the GFWW here in town.

    My goal is to have pen pals of all countries and to share crochet ideas, cultures , and friendship.
thank you for letting me write for the second time
carolyn m of wv


--------------January 18, 2010-------------

My name is Raquel and I just found this site.  I am a 26 year old mom of twin girls who loves to crochet. I would love to have a penpal, I would prefer crocheters, but other crafts are good as well because you never know what 2 different crafters can come up with.

I would prefer to have someone/some people that don't mind a delay in my letters sometimes because I have 2 VERY ACTIVE 4 year olds that hate it when I don't pay them attention most of the time, lol. 

I don't have a preference in age or gender as long as you write to me I would love to be your penpal.  All that I ask is that you put "penpal" in the subject line so I won't think you are spam. 

Thank you very much and hope to chat with you very soon.



---------------September 21 '09-------------

I am just wondering if I can have someone to share my craft ideas with or to get other patterns and maybe help with knowing how to do patterns.  I am new at doing baby clothes and I really need help reading those patterns but I learn really fast.  I have MSN and facebook too.  I hope that the person that you send my way doesn't mind missing a letter some times.  I have 3 boys and a baby on the way.. ..since it is July, the summer has arrived.  I usually am on MSN in the evenings......ater the kids are in bed.....LOL! Thanks for you time and hope to talk to you all later. ..I also want to thank you for this site.  It has helped me a little with some patterns but I like to see things done too.......if at some point you can come up with videos of some of the stitching and pattern designs.  That is an idea for the site that you might consider for the visual learners.


Hi friendship line,
I am interested in writing to like minded women who would like a pen pal and interested in Crochet and any crafts but crochet is what I am doing now
I live in uk and slightly disables as having trouble walking a lot so doing my crochet is a way of passing the time as well as reading
LIZ liz_connelly@hotmail.co.uk


hi there sunshine, i am trying to join the knitting club and also woman pen pals too. i need help. please advice me. i cant get in. loretta. mjorgensen@kc.rr.com    thank you very much. loretta...............................


Hi. My name is Lynn and I'm 58 years old, married and love all sorts of crafts - knitting being my favorite.  I'm recently retired - live in Ontario, Canada so I now have lots of time for knitting.

I've recently become a grandmother for the 1st time and really love to knit for babies especially, but I'll try anything.

Pls drop me a line, I'd really like to hear from any crafter's!



Hi! My name is Paula, I teach Kindergarten and I live in Oregon. Recently (1/26/09) my son was killed in Kurkuit, Iraq and I would like a pen pal who loves to crochet and craft as well as reminisce about their fallen angel. Because we have lost a child to the war we are called Gold Star moms (and families). Crocheting is a good outlet for me when I am not teaching in the classroom. I also teach in the after school program at my school. Classes I have taught are:  embroidery, crochet, basics of knitting, origami, Iris folding, Tea Bag folding and Quilling, if you would like some web sites I am a great resource person too.





Hello, I would like to get to know another crocheter that likes to crochenit and cro-hook. I am a Grandmother of seven Grandchildren. I am 59 years old and have been married to a wonderful man for 40 years. Well that is about all for now, I hope to meet someone soon.

Thank You,    Sanicka slizski@q.com



Hi, My name is Sharon. I live in Maine with my husband and two sons, ages 10 and 13. I have a grown daughter who has begun a life of her own. My life is kept busy chasing my kids from one event to another. I enjoy photography and all sorts of crafts. I like to sing. Although I do not find a lot of time to squeeze these things in.


I have been so tied up in my family that I haven't taken a whole lot of time for me. I am sure that many of you can relate to this. I am looking for some friends. If interested in corresponding, please email me at mainebuttahfly@yahoo.com



My name is Susanne. I live in northern Queensland, Australia. I am 46 years old .I have four grown children and a beautiful grandson who is five now. I work full time in childcare .I love crafts of every kind.  I have been crocheting since I was 13. I have done and still do other crafts but keep going back to crocheting. I guess I just love it and seem to do more of it than anything else.

I would love to hear from anyone anywhere. sammiisue@hotmail.com



Hi there.

I'm a 75 yr.old Granny that live in Chicago and just loves to crochet and knit but always have done it with American patterns only .I also love needlepoint and cross stitching too.

Have made christening outfits for my grandchildren, sweaters, too. I also enjoy cross stitching and am currently stitching a double bedspread for my granddaughter which I had left on the wayside many years ago and no that I finally have a granddaughter I picked it up again. I have 6 grandsons. I'm so excited because I only have one more panel to do.


If someone is interested being my pen-pal I would love to be yours too. My e-mail is zoicha1@axtel.net

Thank you.