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  Emmalemmon's Quick-Easy Fingerless Gloves 

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Thank you Emma Lemmon EmmaLemmon47@ for sending this in.

I saw a picture of this shape glove in an old wedding album & adapted it for my osteo-arthritic fingers.  These fingerless gloves are so comfortable & work well on cold days as well as on rainy, damp days.   You can change yarn size, needle size to make for children or men.  I had fun experimenting. 


Less than 1 skein yarn (amount varies depending on size needed — works great w/leftover scraps!)

Size 8 & Size 6 Straight Needles for Ladies Medium Size Gloves

Using Size 6 needles, cast on 32 sts and 2x2 ribbing for 14 rows.

*Note:  2x2 ribbing is knit 2, purl 2 ever row.

Change to #8 needles and st st for 12 rows

*Note:   st st (stockinette stitch) is knit right side row, purl wrong side row.

Change to # 6 needles and 2x2 rib for 14 rows. **

Cast off next row in ribbing, leaving a long tail to sew seam.

Fold edges together (with ribbing at top & bottom) and Sew ribbed section together plus 4 stitches into stockinette st area.

Fasten off.

Thumb hole:  Attach yarn approx. 6 sts from end of seam on right side of work.  Pick up 6 sts on one side of seam and 6 sts on other side of seam.  2x2 rib on these 12 sts for one row, then bind off in rib, leaving long tail to finish seam.

Sew thumb hole and rest of side seam.  Voila! 

You can make this Extra Fancy at place marked ** by adding a row of knit 2 sts in each st and then binding off on in p next row.  This makes a frill at top of glove.

 Another idea is to replace the 2x2 rib with another type of rib.   I have used “fake” cable stitch & also 1x1 rib.