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Double knit mittens  

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Here is my pattern for double knit mittens using wool on the outside layer and angora rabbit fur on the inside. Since I spin my own yarn I am unable to give a commercial equivalent, but I think a sport weight might do. The mittens are knit in the round on dpns.

In wool, cast on 40 sts on a 4dpn. Divide sts on three dpns. Join.

Work k2 p2 ribbing for 3".

Next Row, k all the round inc. 1 st in ea st : 80 sts

Row 1: k1, move yarn to front as if to purl, s1 Repeat for entire round. 

Row 2: join angora yarn. Working round in reverse
direction and using the angora, k1, move yarn to front as if to purl, s1. Repeat for entire round.

Repeat Row 1 and 2 until work measures 5", ending with row2.

Next, take a piece of scrap yarn and knit across 16 sts( 8 of wool,8 of angora) After these are knitted return them to the original needle and proceed with rows 1 and 2 as before. Continue until work measures 8" or desired length.

Begin decreasing: This takes some shifting of sts in order to knit 2 tog of the same yarn.

In Row 1 dec 4 sts. Knit Row 1 even.

In Row 2 dec 4sts. Knit Row 2 even.

Alternate dec rows with even rows until 24 sts( 12 wool,12 angora) remain. Cut yarns and draw through remaining sts.

Thumb: Pull out scrap yarn and pick up sts. Knit in the same manner as body of hand. When desired length is reached, dec and finish off.

Hope you guys enjoy this pattern.

Sue in KY h.hedgec@