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Thank you, Meganstuff@aol.com

Hi,   I am a beginner knitter but with this said, I am also an "tryer of what happens if  I  do this" :) I have created the following pattern using cotton yarn for a dish cloth: 

Use no. 7 knitting needles.

Cast on 57 stitches on a needle.

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: * K 1 st, slip next st onto needle * repeat across row ending with  K 1 st.

Row 3: * K 1 st, next st K in back of st  * repeat across row these two rows are the pattern.
Do the pattern until you like the length.

Knit the last row should be your knit/ slip row.

Bind off. 

This pattern leaves no holes in the dish cloth where forks can snag the cloth. It is a pretty pattern and yet simple for a beginner.
Adjustments with size of needles and cast on stitches can make the cloth bigger or smaller...just make sure that the last stitch or row 2 ends with a Knit stitch.

Have fun!

 Thanks for making this site available.