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    Trail of Tears Afghan  exchange to knit

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     picture made and sent in by Carol R

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Trail of Tears
size 51" X 67"
"I" hook
(3.5 oz. skeins 4 ply yarn) 7 skeins light color, 6 skeins medium color. 6 skeins dark color.
This is really nice made with just off white also.

Chain 132,
Row 1- sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. Ch 2 and turn.

Row 2- dc in next 9 sc,*ch 10 and sl st in 1st ch of ch 10, dc in next 10 sc. Repeat from * to end of Row. Ch 2 and turn.

Row 3- dc in next 9 dc, * ch 10, dc in next 10 dc. Repeat from * to end of Row. Ch 2 and turn.

Repeat Row 3 for 114 rows using following color combination.

6 rows lst color,

6 rows med color,

6 rows dk color, repeat for 114 rows.

Row 114 (6th Row of last stripe) dc across omitting the ch 10. ch 2 and turn.

Row 115, sc in each dc to end of Row.

Break off. lace up the ch 10's and put tassel at each end of each lace up and in each corner. To lace up of the chains goes like this,  take the second chain and put it threw the first chain take the third chain and put it threw the second chain, the fourth chain goes threw the third chain and so on until the end. You put the tassels in the end of each chain Row to hold the chains and that is the tears falling.

To make tassels; Using a piece of cardboard 8 ½ " wide, wrap yarn around cardboard loosely 15 times.
Cut in half, then fold in half.

Pull folded end through laced chain loop and pull cut ends through folded loop.

Remember- Row 1 and Row 116 are both single crochet.

All the other rows are double crochet. Hope you all enjoy this one, My Mother makes them all the time and sells them. Nancy

from Carmen who sends us this