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Tartan Rug

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Foundation Row :  Using 4.00mm hook, Chain 222 (this makes 109 holes across).

1st Row:  Make 1 D.C. (double crochet) into 6th chain from hook, * 1 Chain, 1 D.C.* rep. from * to end, chain 4 (to turn).

2nd Row:  1 D.C. into d.c. on previous Row, 1 Ch. , to end.

Repeat 2nd Row for entire length of rug, (140 rows is a good length.)


Make chain 280 stitches long, = 2 chain for each Row in rug.  (280 chain makes a rug about 5 ft. long.)


Follow colour sequence for rug, and weave chains from end to end of rug, under and over, in alternating weave.


Work 1 Row of single crochet all round rug, using main colour, taking care to anchor the end stitch of every woven chain to the edge of the rug.


Using 3 strands of yarn, each 12 cms. long, or preferred length, loop into every 2nd hole around rug, taking care to colour-match the fringe to the colour of the Row in the rug.  Where there are stripes of one Row only, I put fringe into each hole, to keep the continuity of colour from the rows.

Edna MacPherson Sabato ceilidh@sabatech.net

The photo shows Clan MacPherson, MacPherson Dress, MacPherson Hunting, and 42nd Regiment Black Watch. Colours for this rug are:-- Red, Green, Royal Blue, Black, Yellow, White. I usually buy 1 ball of each colour to start, then buy more as I need it.  Being the type of crochet it is, the Dye Lot is not a problem, so long as the colour is the same. Shirley, you may be able to word all this differently to make for easier understanding.  How about the word "colour"???  Please let me know if you have any questions. Yours aye.  Edna. CLAN MacPHERSON TARTAN Colour Sequence .

1 Yellow,  8 Green,  8 Red, 1 Royal Blue, 8 Red , 1 Royal, 8 Red, 8 Green , 1 Yellow, = 44 rows

4 Black,  3 Royal, 1 Black,  1 Royal,  1 Black, 3 Royal,   3 Red, 1 White, 1 Black, 1 Red, 1 Black, 3 Red, 3 Royal,   1 White, 1 Black, 1 Royal,   1 Black,     3 Royal,   4 Black, = 37 rows.

Start with 1 Yellow, and the first Row of colors then the second finishing with 4 Black, a total of  81 rows , then continue with 1 Yellow, till length required. Use this colour sequence to crochet the chains to be woven into the rug.  Tartan colours MUST follow the same sequence up and down, as across.