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Exchanging knit to crochet


 Serape  - long shawl

  Thank you gmachar95@hotmail.com 

4 ply yarn, white, black, red, gray  

Size H crochet hook

ch: chain

sc: single crochet 

ss:  slip stitch

Always work on the same side, do not turn work.

Sc in the back loop of each stitch throughout, unless otherwise noted.

Sc in both front and back loops for first and last sc in each row and in the first and last rows.

Work across the width of the serape.  Continue in pattern to the length you need.

Last Row to be worked through both loops (for stability).

FOUNDATION CHAIN:  leaving a 6" tail at the beginning chain 50, leave a 6" tail and break off yarn. (This foundation chain may be any width you need.)

To work each row:  leaving a 6" tail  ss in first ch, ch 1, sc in same ch, sc in each ch across, break off yarn, leaving a 6" tail.  Weave in the tails from the beginning and ending of each row as you work the pattern.  Foundation chain is not counted as row 1.

Work in the following pattern:

4 rows white, 1 row gray, 1 row white, 4 rows gray, 1 row red, 1 row gray, 4 rows red, 1 row black, 1 row red, 4 rows black, 1 row red, 1 row black, 4 rows red, 1 row gray, 1 row red, 4 rows gray, 1 row white and 1 row gray. Repeat this pattern until serape is of the desired length.

FRINGE:  cut 12" lengths of white yarn, fold in half.  Place fold on the back side of the serape at the foundation row.  Insert crochet hook through a foundation chain, hook fold in yarn and pull through the foundation chain space.  Remove hook from fold in yarn, hook the hook around the lengths of the folded yarn and pull through the fold in the yarn, pull snug.  Repeat on the ending row also

January 2001 Charlotte Dougherty, designer