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    Thank you Joyce Logan

exchange to knit

I have used leftover yarn in many ways, but this is one that everyone loves and you don't have to worry about mixing colors.  These are great to make through the year as you complete other projects and then to give as Christmas presents.

With an H hook (try a G for children's) and nylon, acrylic or a blend, washable wool if you want to take the extra care when it comes time to wash these puppies, otherwise drop them into the washing machine and fluff dry.

Using two strands of different colors  (you may also mix worsted with sport weight using one of each weight) ch 55.

Turn, single crochet in second stitch from the hook and in each stitch across. (54 stitches) Ch 1 and turn.

Using only the back loop of each stitch, single crochet across to the last 3 stitches, *slip stitch in each of these last three. Ch 1 turn,

slip stitch in the first three stitches, in back loop only single crochet back across to last stitch, single crochet through both loops***, ch 1 and turn.

Single crochet in first stitch thru both loops,  in back loops only single crochet across to last three stitches, continue in this way until you have completed 24 rows (children), 26 rows (women) and 28 rows for most men. *** you may change one or both colors at this point simply by completing the single crochet stitch using your new color choice at the beginning of the row. 

Finish off the last row leaving yarn that is equal to the length of the piece plus the toe area. 

With a yarn needle, sew the two sides together down the side and across the curved toe area.

Be sure to tie off and work in your color changes.

What you now have resembles a winter hat for a dunce, what it is, is a wonderful pair of tube socks that will fit most everyone.

Just pull them on, turn them down at the top or wear them pulled straight up over your calf. By not defining the heel area in some manner, you are able to turn this over and over and over. Joyce

NOTE *** Feel free to abbreviate this in any manner that will work for you.  I made 10 pair of these in 5 days.  Took care of a lot of this year's Christmas gifts.