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Thank you Eleanor Eberle

 Wind a crazy ball of yarn then crochet.

If you are a chronic knitter or crocheter like Aloma Ratliff, you too may cringe with guilt at the thought of wasting yarn, even apiece 8 inches long! Well she finally conquered this problem and thought her solution might be helpful to others.

 She keeps a little plastic bag in her knitting bag and puts every scrap of yarn in it. When she gets a stuffed bag, she begins the process of tying the ends together, mixing colors for varied effect.

She then balls the yarn and uses it to make the potholders in the photo.

 This pattern is worked all around, thus the potholder is double thick. When you finish crocheting it, it's completed! Works up in 30 minutes or less. With the crazy ball of yarn pieces the potholders take on a zigzag pattern and a color effect that is sometimes striking and always pretty. They're festive, durable and fun to make. Try one!!

 MATERIALS: Any size yarn and needles can be used. It depends on size you want. Sample is made with knitting worsted and H crochet hook. Size J hook and rug tarn makes big potholders.

Begin by ch 8, join to form ring and cover ring with sc. Join.

1st rnd. Ch 8 (counties 1 dc) dc in next 2 sc, putting your hook under the front thread of the stitch only, ch 2 dc in next 3 sc in same way: turn your work; dc in same three sc, putting your hook under the back thread, ch 2, dc in back half of remaining 3 sc, join sl st to topstitch of ch 3 with which you started.

After this put your hook under both threads in the regular way and treat the two sides of your work as one continuous round.

 2nd rnd: Ch3, Dc in each dc to space in center, 2 dc in space (you should have. 5 dc, counting starting chain). Ch 2, 2 dc in space, dc in each dc to next space, 2 dc in space, ch 2, 2 dc in space, dc in each dc to end of Row, join with sl st to topstitch of starting chain.

Continue in this manner 1 dc in each dc: 2dc, ch 2, 2 dc in each space. Join each round with sl st. Number of rows depends on size potholder you want. Work a Row of sc across bottom catching thread in both pieces, to crochet potholder closed. 

It's completed!