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scrofbeaopic1-3.gif (108365 bytes)   Thank you Crystal Babcock for the picture . What beautiful work!

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Another one from Kristen who say I have also seen several afghans that blended colors using two strands and loved the concept, so I mish-moshed all the ideas into one. This uses an "N" hook (a wood one that I found in my basement recently) and two strands. I modified the pattern and made two extra rows of DC in each color block. I didn't want the pattern to repeat.

This afghan was a MAJOR stash buster!!!! It is only about 30" x 60", and I think I went through about 4-5 ounces of each color! But it will make a great cuddle-blanket or nap mat for school if he chooses to take this one. He LOVES it! Oh, and I started it yesterday, finished it today. Love the big hooks!

scrofbeaopic3-3.gif (128942 bytes)    It is Crocheted
SIZE; Approx 52" x 65" before fringing

MATERIALS:  Worsted wt yarn, 46 oz assorted colors, 8 oz ecru for fringe;
aluminum crochet hook size "I" (Canadian size 4) or size needed for gauge.

MATERIALS NOTE:  2 rows in pattern require 50 yards of one color.
GAUGE: In dc, 3 sts=3D1".

FRONT POST DOUBLE TRIPLE CROCHET (FPdtr):  Beg with one lp already on hook, yo 3 times; insert hook from front at right, to back and around to front at left of the post of dc two rows below; hook yarn and draw up a loop.

There are now 5 loops on hook.  *YO hook and pull thru 2 loops; rep from * 3 times; one loop rem on hook. You have just completed one FPdtr.

INSTRUCTIONS:  NOTE:  Ch 3 counts as one dc throughout.

Ch 167 loosely.

ROW 1:  Dc in 4th ch from hook and in each rem ch across: 165 dc (counting turning ch as 1 dc).

ROW 2:  Ch 3, turn; dc in each st across to last st (turning ch). In top of turning ch, work a dc until 2 loops rem on hook; break yarn, leaving approx 3" yarn end to WEAVE in.

Pick up new color, complete the dc and continue with new color.

IMPORTANT:  DO NOT work over yarn ends; use a yarn needle or hook and work them into sts at ends of each row.

ROW 3:  Ch 3, turn; dc in each of next 4 sts, *work a FPdtr around post of next dc two rows below, skip dc behind FPdtr, (dc in next st, FPdtr, sk st behind FPdtr) twice, dc in each of next 5 sts; rep from * across: 165 sts.

ROW 4:  Rep Row 2.

ROW 5:  Ch 3, dc in each of next 9 sts, *work (FPdtr, sk st behind FPdtr, dc in next st) twice, work a FPdtr, sk st behind FPdtr, dc in each of next 5 sts; rep from * across to last  8 sts, dc in each of last 8 sts: 165 sts.

Rep Rows 2-5 until afghan measures appro 65" or desired length, ending by working either row 2 or row 4.

Finish off.
FRINGE:  Cut 10" strands of ecru.  Use 2 strands for each knot of fringe and tie one knot in each st across each short end of afghan.