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Sawtooth on  Parchment    Hat and Scarf

SIZE;  Hat size 22",  Scarf 7 x 34"

Materials for Hat; Knitting Worsted 100% wool),  1 (4oz) ball parchment  (color A);   Needlepoint and Crewel wool, 1 (40-yd)  skein each (B , C and D.

For scarf Knitting Worsted 100% wool,  1 (4oz) ball parchment  (color A);  Needlepoint and Crewel wool, 2 (40-yd)  skein each (B , C)  and 1 (40-yd)  skein each  D and E..

Aluminum crochet hook size F ( for international hook size 4.00 mm) or the size that will give you the correct gauge.

Gauge  9 Sc =  2".


Starting at top of crown with A, ch 4. Join with sl st to form ring. 

1st  rnd.; Work 6 sc In ring. Mark beg of rnd. but do not join turn. 

2nd rnd.: Work 2 sc in each Sc around (12 sc). 

3rd rnd.: (Sc in next Sc, 2 sc In next sc) 6 times (18 Sc). 

4th rnd, (Sc in each of next 2 sc 2 Sc in next sc) 6 times (24 sc). 

5th rnd; Sc in each sc around, increasing 6 Sc as evenly spaced as possible (30 sc). 

6th through 16th rnd;  Repeat 5th rnd. 11 time. (96 sc). 

17th rnd; Sc In each Sc around. 

18th rnd; Repeat 17th rnd.. Piece should measure about 3¾" front center of crown.

Color Pattern; To Change colors; When working last Sc of a color, draw up lp in next sc, drop old color and draw lp of new color through both Ips on hook. Carry color not In use loosely across top of work and work over it. Work even in sc from now on as follows; 

1st rnd; Attach C. (Work  7 C, 1 A) 12 times. 

2nd rnd; Work 1 A, (5 C, 3 A) 11 times, ending 5 C, 2 A. 

3rd rnd; Work 2 A, (3C. 5 A) 11 times, ending 3C, 3 A. 

4th rnd; Work 3 A, (1 C, 7 A) 11 times, ending 1 C, 4 A. 

Break off A and C; attach D

5th through 7th rnd; With D. work 3 rnds. Break off D; attach A. 

8th rnd; With A, work 1 rnd.. 

9th rnd; Attach B. Work 4 B, (1 A, 7 B)  times, ending 1 A, 3 B. 

10th rnd; Work 3 B (3 A, 5 B) 11 times, ending 3 A, 2 B. 

11th rnd; Work 2 B, (5 A, 3 B) 11 times, ending 5 A, 1 B

12th rnd; (Work 1 B, 7 A) 12 times. 

Break off A and B,  attach C. 

13th Through 15th  rnd; With C. work 3 rnds. Break off  C, attach B

16th rnd; With B, work reverse sc from left to right (see below) In each sc around to Form ropelike edging; join. Break off. Piece should measure about 6¾' from beg.




Working lengthwise with A, ch 152 to measure 34". 

1st Row; Sc In 2nd ch from hook and in each ch, across (151 sc) ch 1, turn. 

2nd Row; Sc in each Sc a cross, * ch 1, turn. 

Repeating 2nd Row, work even in sc for 5 more rows A, 3 rows B. Continue to work even In sc as follows; 

11th Row; (Work 7 C, 1 A) 18 times, ending 7 C. 

12th Row; Work 6 C, 3 A, (5 C, 3 A) 17 times, ending 6 C. 

13th Row; Work 5 C, 5 A, (3 C, S A) 17 times, ending 5 C. 

14th Row; Work 4 C, 7 A, (1 C, 7 A) 17 times, ending 4 C. 

Work 3 rows E.   1 Row A. 

19th Row; (Work 7 B, 1 A) 18 times, 7 B. 

20th Row; Work 6 B, 3 A, (5 8, 3 A)  17 times, ending 6 C. 

21st Row; work 5 B, 5 A, (3 B, 5 A) 17 times, ending 5 B. 

22nd Row; Work 4 B, 7 A, (1 B, 7 A) 17 times, ending 4 B. Work 3 rows C, 7 rows A.

 Break off.

Finishing Edging; With D, Sc 1 rnd. around scarf, working 3 sc at corners; join. Break off,

Tassel Fringe; For each tassel. cut three 8" lengths of A. Hold strands tog and. fold In half to form lp; insert crochet hook through edge of scarf and pull Ip through. Drew ends through lp and pull tight to form knot. Work tassel fringe evenly spaced across each end of scarf. Trim fringe. 

Women's Day 1978