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Christmas Bells

# 6 needles

Lion Brand Cotton Yarn using 1 main color and 1 or 2 contrasting colors

Cast on 30 sts, and then knit one more row using main color. Next purl one row, then knit one row, using 2 contrasting colors (1 row each) or 1 color (2 rows). Then purl the next row and knit the following row using main color. This will give you a good height for the turn up part of the bell, and is a total of 5 rows plus the cast on row.

Knit the next row. Now stockinette stitch the next 18 rows so that the knit side is the outside of the bell (including the turned up portion).

Leaving the sts on the needles, cut your yarn leaving approx. 9 - 10 in. tail. Turn up the trim ( 1 st 6 rows), this will put the knit side to the outside of the bell and tack it down. Now pull the yarn thru the stitches and remove them from the needle. Then pull them together. This forms the top of the bell. Use the remainder of the yarn to stitch the seam together to give the bell its shape.

I make 2 bells. Then I pull yarn thru 2 jingle bells and suspend them inside each bell, pulling the yarn thru the edge of the top of the bell and tying the two pieces of yarn together. Then using about 10" of ¼" wide ribbon tie the two bells together, and make a bow. I use the colors of the 2 contrasting colors for this ribbon.

I went to a craft store and bought the ribbon, bells and little Xmas decorations and suspended these decorations from the ribbon (bows) They make wonderful little gifts as well as can be added to a wrapped gift. They look great on your Xmas tree too, or whatever purpose you choose.

This original design came from your website a few years ago and I have added my own little touches and have made them each year. I love making them and people love receiving them.


Lake Placid, Florida